These blogs aren't necessarily on my blog roll because I advertise my blog on theirs, in fact, I do that on none of them. If they want to advertise me, that's cool I'll put them on here as well, but these blogs I put here are because I genuinely like them. I'm just not going to go around asking all the pro-anibloggers out there to put my link on their site even if they think I'm crap. (I am a crap, vulgar blogger. I can admit it.)

Japanator is an anime blog that I've been visiting for probably about a year now, it is really amazing and the staff that write at it are interesting characters to be sure. It expands upon anime to japan and other such things as well, most articles are really worth a read. They also have a sister sister called Destructoid, about video games. It's like a one stop shop for my "needs".

EpicWin Blog
Though no one has updated that blog in sometime (though he did threaten to recently) the articles that are already on there are insightful, deep, and innovative. It's not one of those episodic blogs (which I sort of find boring), the boys at epicwin actually put a lot of thought into their posts. Unlike myself, who just writes abstract craziness.

You know how above I said I disliked episodic blogs? Well, this is one, but I enjoy this one purely for the layout. HUUUUGE detailed pictures of episodes. Right now, they are covering High School of the Dead, and every episode they cover has huge tits. They won me with tits, yes they did.

Bateszi Anime Blog
I have recently developed a soft spot for Bateszi's blog. Not only do they have very insightful and interesting anime articles (opposed to those of the episodic variety), they have a team of active and talented writers. Basically, they are a model of what I hope Band of the hawk is to be someday.

Ambivalence, or is it Ambiguity?
Recently discovered this blog along my travels through the internet. I instantly liked it because it wasn't just another episodic anime blog. His rants are long, and much less profane than mine. More...what's the word? Intelligent. It's a good read.

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