What is this? What do we do?

We are the Band of the Hawk, an elite band of (two) blogging mercenaries. On paper this is a blog about Berserk, mostly us waiting for new chapters to be released and maybe praying that someday the anime series will be expanded upon (ZOMG my wish came true months after creating this. <3 you too world.) To pass the time, we post random little anime and video game tidbits and our opinions on such. Not that anyone would want to read our opinions on anything, but I (Amerowolf) personally have a lot of fun with this.

Who are we?

Amerowolf - Founder - Amerowolf is a female college student and anime fan who is beginning to feel more alienated by society, but thrilled by the world. Equally thrilled by anime, games, and liquor. Berserk has been my "otakudom" for several years and remains strong. I've got a bit of a mouth on me, and it is mostly filled with cigarettes and curse words.

Hickshooter - Contributing Writer - Hickshooter is a male college student who seems to feel similarly about the world as Amerowolf, but seems to just be going with the flow of life. He was roped into this by his girlfriend, can you guess who that is? He writes an article from time to time and enjoys both his video games and his anime. He tends to be the only one who writes professional posts with any sort of intellect.

Like us?
Comments are always nice. Please leave them and justify our empty and unsure existence.

Would you like to join the Band of the Hawk?
Amerowolf would be more than thrilled to let you write articles here with us. I assure you we expect quality, but also want you to have some fun too. If you've seen Amerowolf's posts, then you know quality isn't that hard to match. If you are interested leave a comment or shoot me an email at: amerowolf@gmail.com