Friday, May 26, 2017

Berserk 350 - Memory Fragments

Previously on Berserk, Farnese and Shierke descended into Casca's mind and find Gutts in dog form dragging a coffin that carries Casca as a broken doll. After witnessing a memory, the pair deduce that they must collect the fragments for the doll in order to repair her.

Now, the group presses on and happens across Casca's very first meeting with Gutts. From then on,  they cover memories from the Golden Age Arc in a feverish pace. Remember how it took forever to get to Elfheim? Well, this is not that. 

After many of the memories, the group gets attacked, but the enemies are quickly dispatched with magic.

Of course, the groups also gets to see Gutts and Casca get together and we see some jealousy from Farnese. However, tiny fragment Casca wants to see someone.

Luckily, you begin to see the God Hand in the distance, but sadly the chapter ends. However, the next chapter is scheduled for "late June!"

See you then.

It you want to read the chapter online, enjoy it here.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Berserk 349 - Passage of Dreams

Previously on Berserk, Farnese and Schierke finally made it into the gloomy twisted wasteland that is Casca's mind. There she met the broken doll that is Casca in her mind and a dog that dragged around her coffin, a symbol for Gutts. Now, they move onto the distance.

Unfortunately the chapter starts off with all those characters you don't care about partying with the elves, mages, and other creatures. Thankfully, the scene soon switches to Gutts outside having a bonfire of dreams moment. 

He is soon his is joined by Serpico and the Captain, who go over what they have learned and are grateful for on this journey.

Thankfully, the scene soon switches back to the good bits in Casca's mind and isn't just another enraging filler chapter. There the group happens upon a more literal bonfire of dreams moment where they see Gutts back when he was in the Band of the Hawk. There, the girls can feel Casca's memories for him at that time. 

From this bonfire drops a shard that is able to repair the broken doll in the coffin. They quickly deduce that they must travel Casca's mind and collect the shards, an intriguing set up for a journey.

However, their conclusion is interrupted by the bats from the previous chapter that are swooping towards them. Luckily, Schierke brought some magical defenders to help her. With this, the chapter ends.
It continues again "late May!" 

You can read the chapter here.