Friday, March 24, 2017

Berserk 348 - Gloomy Wastes

Previously one Berserk, Miura teased us endlessly by finally allowing Farnese and Schierke to enter Casca's mind via the Flowerstorm King. ...Then promptly went on hiatus for several very long months. Now arrives our long awaited moment.

The chaper open on the gloomy wastes of Casca's mind. Bleak and depressing with cloaks hanging on sticks and a tall peak in the distance, all of it lit by a black sun and every dressed in metaphors of the mind.

Closer to them Schierke and Farnese spot something pulling a wagon. Upon closer inspection, it turns out to be a dog, spears jutting out of its back, and scars all over its body, dragging a coffin with the crest of the Band of the Hawk.

Suddenly, the cloaks come alive into bat-like creatures and attack the dog. Schierke and Farnese jump in and drive off the attackers, healing the hound.

It is when they notice that the dog is missing one of its front paws, they finally realize that it is Gutts. For long-time Berserk fans, you will recall that Casca used to refer to him as a mad dog.

They finally crack open the coffin and find a broken doll that resembles Casca.

Inside, they find a smaller version of Casca, all that is left of her psyche now. After playing with her, Farnese calls her cute. however, after having it almost blown away by the wind, the put her back in the coffin.The pair spot a green light in the distance and, with dog Gutts and his coffin, they move towards it.

This is where the chapter ends, but good news! No Hiatus! The next chapter comes out in April.

If you want to read it yourself, you can read Berserk Chapter 348 online here