Thursday, September 22, 2016

Berserk 347 - The Flowerstorm King

Previously on Berserk, we continued to get nowhere quickly, but finally ended up meeting the Flowerstorm King, who turns out to be a flowery lady.

Of course we have the obligatory moment of everyone stating how good she smells and calm they make them feel, and then just when Gutts is about to get down to business, proving even further that he is the personification of Berserk's audience, things devolve into comic relief. For trying to become king, Puck is sentenced to helping make the brownies. The Flowerstorm King also threatens another welcome banquet, a line I think was included to make nerds rage so hard, but thankfully there is no banquet again.

Finally we move on a bit to the Flowerstorm King introducing herself as Danann and she asks if they want help with Casca.

She says she can fix her with a ritual called the "Passage of Dreams" and asks those closest to Casca, Shieke and Farnese, to help her. Gutts offers to help, but it is revealed that Casca has a deep fear of him.

The ladies leave and descend into the tree to an area filled with magic mushrooms. They are asked to breathe deep of the spores so that they can enter Casca's dreams.

It starts with Shierke leaving her comic relief dream. 

Then, her dragging Farnese out of her comic relief dream.

And the chapter ends with them going into Casca's badly drawn dream before going deeper into her dark trauma place.

You can read Berserk 347 online here

Now I have got some bad news for you. 

It is another Hiatus. 

We won't get more until the "first half of 2017"

See you then...

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