Sunday, August 28, 2016

Berserk 346 - Elfhelm

Previously on Berserk, Gutts and his group feast in the home of the archmages as they question them on Griffith and the poor state of the world. However, while most are thankful for the food, Gutts is eager to move on and get Casca fixed up by the Elf King

Skipping any travel, the chapter starts off with the group entering the Elfin forest. They find that not only does an odd amount of light permeate an otherwise thick forest, but they move as if they were a feather on air, leading to Ishidoro and Isma having a lot of fun walking like Neil Armstrong on the moon.

This light and lightness is explained due to a lack of Barytes than bind the four elements together and create weigh on earth. The lack of these barytes is considered beneficial to the other inhabitants of this forest, who then make an appearance.

The first to appear are four unholy incarnations of evil - Puck's siblings Peck, Pick, Pock, and Pack.

Because Berserk needed four more Pucks, right?

After that, the Elfin forest comes alive with vastly more interesting creatures, such as centaurs, unicorns, fox people, dear people, more fairies, bird people, ect.

As they have rarely seen humans aside from the mages, they are particularly curious in all visitors, except Gutts who ends up being questioned by the Puck Pack.

After finally detaching themselves from the curious group of creatures, Gutts and his crew march on, with the forest creatures in tow, towards the Elf King, who apparently lives in a giant cherry tree. 

Heading inside, the group is confronted with an empty throne. Suddenly, with fanfare, the forest creatures begin to announce the Elf King that turns out to be...


But not really. The real Elf King makes an appearance to end the chapter, but as it turns out, this "king" is actually a Queen.

With that, the chapter ends.

You can read it online here.

See you in "Late September" for Berserk 347.

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