Monday, July 25, 2016

Berserk 345 - Archmage

Previously on Berserk, after defeating the pumpkin and flaming wickerman defense system of the younger mages, Gutts and his group meet  archmage Gedfryn who escorts them to the village where other mages, as well as the Elf King, lives. Along the way, Gutts discovers that the Elf King really can delve deeply into the minds of others, meaning there is a chance he can help Casca.

The group finally arrives at the village and enters into the archmage's house where not only he lives, but it is apparently where the other archmages in town hang out as well. After each archmage is introduced with a name that is reminiscent to D&D characters, Gutts mirrors our own growing impatience by asking Gedfryn to hurry and take him to the Elf King.

Unfortunately, he insists that the group has a rest after their travels. This suggestion is cemented as all the women and Ishdoro attack a conveniently-placed table of baked goods.

And so, the group sits down to dinner where they tell the archmages about their travels. From there, the conversation shifts to Griffith and the great giant tree that marks Falconia. Apparently, this tree, named the World Tree, is what links the underworld, the heavens, and the Earth all together.

Typically, small roads to these other realms open up on special nights, like those of the full moon where beings can travel in between the realms. These roads, called Dragon Roads have grown bigger and the Behelits are special objects that can open the Dragon Roads.

Apparently, the spirit woods also used to grow around the World Tree, to stem its growth so that the branches do not encompass the world. However, with most of the spirit woods gone, the tree grows unchecked now, meaning a chaotic time is now dawning.

The archmages ask Gutts to tell them more about Griffith and his time with the Band of the Hawk.

Gutts tells him that Griffith wants his own country, and the archmages respond that he has revived an ancient city that sits at the base of the World Tree, one that we already know uses the tree to keep evil spirits at bay.

However, Gutts goes on to say that having his own country is just the beginning of Griffith's ambition.

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