Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Berserk 344 - The Witch's Village

Previously on Berserk, Gutts and his crew finally landed on Skellig Island, but their path was soon barred just off the shore by an army of Great Pumpkins and the giant burning wicker statue from Burning Man. Are these magicked items a match for this battle-hardened crew?

No! Gutts chops down the wicker man and the mages hiding on the outsiders are now out of tricks. The mages finally come out and speak to Gutts and his crew in the open, some being friendly, some lamenting the loss of their pumpkins, and Morda still being very standoffish.
They express their concern for the fire consuming their crops when it begins to rain and archmage Gedfryn rides up on his old, slow goat.

After some comedic relief by Puck, Gutts and group are taken back to Elfhelm the home of not only the Elf king, but the mages as well. Essentially, it is a magic commune where they all work to hone their power. It is here we find out that the Elf King sent the Moonlight Boy as his observer and that he can indeed see into the depths of a person's heart. This causes Gutts, for the first time in many chapters, to smile softly.

After more comic relief and watching Ishdoro getting viciously beaten in the crotch, the chapter ends with the group heading into Gedfryn's house. 

See you July 22nd!

If you want to read this chapter, you can do so here.

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