Monday, December 21, 2015

Gutts v. The Count - New Berserk Anime Announced for 2016

This is shaping up to be a bang-up time for Berserk fans after a seriously long lull. Kentaro Muira is putting out slightly more chapters than usual, Gutts and his irritating band finally got to Elfhelm, I'm actually updating the Band of the Hawk Blog, and now, to top it all off, a new addition to Berserk's anime repertoire has been announced, but don't get too excited yet.

When we say "anime" that is generally agreed upon to be a multi-episode series. However, we don't know if this new Berserk anime will be just that or another movie. Young Animal, the manga magazine that has published Berserk since the beginning, announced in its first issue of 2016 that a new Berserk anime is coming sometime in the upcoming year. They also added that it will not be yet another re-telling of the Golden Arc (I can practically hear the sighs of relief at that one), but will  tell the story of Gutts hunting down the first of the Apostles in the newly-demon ravaged world, The Count.

This fine fellow, if you don't recall:

While an anime series certainly could go past that, the fact that the detail of the plot was so limited suggests we are looking at another movie. Hopefully one without quite so much dreadful CGI.

Fortunately, more details about this new venture are apparently going to be released with the first footage at NBC Universal's booth at Winter Comiket December 29-31. So we will likely know more by then.

Unfortunately, with the next chapter of the Berserk manga slated for "around next summer" in 2016 according to Muira, Berserk is in for another unpleasant dry spell.

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