Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Berserk 330 - The Spring Blossoms of Another Day 3

Previously on Berserk, the manga is flashing back to a post-Gambino, pre-Band of the Hawk Gutts where he has been healed with the help of a fairy while being held as a prisoner of war. Although it looks as though she killed the flower that is her life force, Gutts has little time to ponder as he is marched off to duel the Viscount's son.

Gutts is given back his armor and introduced to his opponent, a man so heavily armored he mind as well be Bazuso. It turns out the son has a taste for cruelly killing easy prey, but just to ensure that he wins, they have had the sword of Gutts blunted. As the fight starts, Gutts is feeling good, but he is still weak, getting knocked back by the first blow.

While Gutts continues to be dominated, he eventually realizes he needs to speed this up or the flower will die. He starts prodding the armor looking for weak spots, but finds none. However, Gutts suddenly recalls some advice Gambino gave him about heavy, well-made armor - if you can't break it, knock it down.

Gutts takes the Viscount's son to the ground, twisting his arm and stabbing him in the eye with the guard of his sword. After removing the boy's helmet, Gutts uses him as a hostage to walk out of the castle. However, a crossbowman on the walls fires at Gutts's back, blowing the flower from where he placed it in his neck scarf. As Gutts reaches for the flower, the crossbows fire again and hit the Viscount son's back.

Lucky for Gutts, at that moment, a raid is started at the fortress, one led by none other than Martino, the mercenary from the first chapter of the Boyhood Arc. The chapter ends with Gutts leaving, taking the flower to the place he promised, but it is dead and floats off into the breeze. This marks the final chapter of the short Boyhood Arc flashback.

You can read this chapter online here.

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