Monday, December 28, 2015

Berserk 343 - Flame Doll

Previously on Berserk, Gutts and his crew finally landed on Skellig Island. However, instead of a simple walk to Elfhelm, they were greeted by countless traps and looked on by unknown humans. After overcoming a field of stones that caused those not from the island to become lost, the group stumbled into a field of pumpkins where the scarecrows came to life, ready to attack.

Gutts managed to save Ishidoro from the first scarecrow, but more are rising. Ishidoro, in a brief moment of usefulness, manages to defeat a scarecrow with his dagger, as does Serpico and Azan. The lesser warriors of Captain Roderick and his crew linger back to protect the ladies and other non-fighters.

Meanwhile, Gutts is devastating the scarecrows with his Dragonslayer. In the shadows, the mysterious figures that have been watching the group progress are shown to be a small coven of witches. They are concerned on how strong the group is, but this is not the last trick up their sleeves.

As the scarecrows begin to falter, the vines of pumpkin patch wrap around the feet of the fighters to snare them, with the pumpkins also joining in the fight.

As the fighters launch a new assualt, in the background Shierke is finally done channeling a spell. As it is unleashed the pumpkins and scarecrows crumble and return to the earth. Shierke then explains that they are golems and she rerouted the magic that made them fight into a bountiful harvest for the year.

Unfortunately, the coven of the witches unleash a new attack on Gutts and his group in the form of a larger Wickerman golem (that is also on fire), summoned by a witch named Morda and apparently forbidden among their order. The Wickerman wields devastation clubs swung from its arms, but they prove easy to dodge. As it begins to swing out of control, Gutts rushes in, ready to unleash the cannon in his arm.

The cannon manages to stun the Wickerman, making it hunch over so that Gutts can split it in two with his sword. The chapter ends with Gutts chopping the Wickerman open and the souls that fuel it floating off into the air.

You can read this chapter online here.

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