Monday, December 28, 2015

Berserk 342 - Landing

Previously on Berserk, Rickert arrived in Falconia with refugees only to be forced to leave after slapping Griffith and having a Kushan assassin set on him. With the help of former Kushan Silat and Daiba, Rickert and Erica manage to flee the city on the back of winged monsters. However, as one journey begins, another across the world is finally ending.

Finally, after God damned forever, Gutts and his merry band of misfits dock thier boat in the bay waters of Skellig Island, home to Elfhelm. After some snarkiness about how they made it there in one piece and bitchiness from Ivalera, Gutts shows some genuine thankfulness to his companions, for without their unique skills he would be sinking on the bottom of the ocean floor feeding fish.

As the crew pile into landing boats, Ishidoro inquires why Puck left the island in the first place. Puck goes into a long story (that no one cares about) of how he was fighting the seagull king threatening the island. However, when they both grew tired of fighting (over fish), they decided to fly back home. It was then that disaster struck! It seems Puck fell asleep and rolled off the sea gull's back, stranding him far from home.

With Puck's tale out of the way, the crew finally lands on shore. Before heading deeper in, Isma's mother gives her a seashell they can use to communicate back and forth with the Merrows. She also gives them a stern warning - that time on the island moves differently. Shierke recalls a children's story of kids who follow the elves only to return to find that decades have passed. Isma's mother suggests the crew not linger long.

With that warning in mind, the crew sets off. Unfortunately, this is no simple walk across the island. Atop the cliff by the bay, they run into their first obstacle. Something on the island has erected magical stones that cause those not from the island or banished to lose their way when they walk through the field. However, as Puck is from the island, he leads the group through as they all hold a magic thread attached to him.

An unseen force watches them navigate the field, but a more difficult obstacle is still to come.

After navigating the field of stones, they come to a pumpkin patch guarded by scarecrows. Much like how Ishidoro recklessly rushed through the previous trap, Ishidoro touches the pumpkins and awakens the scarecrows. The chapter ends with Gutts saving Ishidoro from certain death and staring down a small army of scarecrows come to life.

You can read this chapter online here.

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