Sunday, December 27, 2015

Berserk 341 - Soaring Escape

Previously on Berserk, Rickert, Silat, and the Tapasa fight the shadow assassin Raksas in the streets of Falconia at night. While trying to slay it with light, fire, bowgun, and even toe knife, the creature persists. However, as the crew tries to find a way to defeat it, Erica runs onto the battlefield. Still burning and trying to put itself out, the Raksas lifts up Erica with its tendrils, looking to rip her apart and douse the fire with her blood.

Rickert panics as Erica is lifted up. While Silat tries to attack the tendrils in order to get the creature to drop Erica, he ultimately fails. However, just as the Raksas prepares to rip her apart to put out the flames, the Raksas is overcome by, of all things, snakes.

As the snakes loosen the Raksas' grip on Erica, he drops her right into the hands of a floating man who reveals himself to be former Kushan general Daiba. Daiba states he is repaying Erica for giving him the metal brace for his leg. Daiba also states that he wishes to accompany Silat and Rickert on their journey to the Bakiraka village, wishing to flee Griffith and Falconia as well.

Silat seems suspicious, as Daiba was the right hand man of the former Demon Emporer, but agrees. With that, Daiba summons snakes and mice to overcome Raksas. While his creatures cannot strike down the Raksas, they will slow them enough so the group can escape via the monsters he has kept locked away in the barn.

Daiba, Rickert, Erica, Silat, and the Tapasa prepare to take flight, but not before Erica grabs something from the wagon. Luca is joined by her lady lackies and they worry about being seen as traitors as the fight with the Raksas has attracted a lot of attention. However, as the crew flies off Daiba drops a bag of diamonds to Luca for tolerating him.

As the crew begins to fly away, the Raksas begins its pursuit. Moving at top speed, the Raksas begins to gain on the flying creatures, but Erica hands Rickert what she grabbed from the wagon, a new weapon akin to a bazooka.

With on devastating shot, the Raksas is sent reeling back into the city and the group flees into the night with many in the city watching, including Griffith in his perch high above Falconia.

You can read this chapter online here.

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