Sunday, December 27, 2015

Berserk 340 - Struggle in the Dark

Previously on Berserk, Rickert decided to leave Falconia after slapping and snubbing Griffith. However, before he can leave a Kushan creature called a Raksas attacks Rickert. Before Rickert can be slain by the creature he is saved by another Kushan named Silat who seeks information on Griffith. Rickert makes a deal to trade in information to Silat in return for helping him flee the Raksas assassin and Falconia.

The chapter begins with Rickert carrying provisions for his trip through the streets of Falconia after dark, all the while being stalked by the shadow creature Raksas. However, as the creature prepares to strike, he is illuminated by gunpowder flares, rendering him vulnerable, and assualted by Rickert's awesome crossbow gatling gun. Although Rickert manages to pierce his mask, its apparent weak point, the Raksas proves unphased.

The Raksas seems pleased by Rickert's choice to fight rather than flee, with Rickert answering in turn that he knows how hard an apostle can be to run from. Raksas admits that apostles, particularly those that are under Griffith's thrall can be obsessive. The Raksas also admits that he would someday like to kill Griffith himself. As the Raksas monologues, Silat strikes, pitting Kushan assassin against Kushan assassin. Silat strikes with impressive speed, even utalizing a blade held between his toes, yet the Raksas still remains unphased.

The Raksas seems to be evenly matched with Silat, as Silat has trained hard after being defeated by Gutts. Unfortunately, Rickert's gunpowder flares begin to burn out, making the Raksas invincible. Just in the nick of time, the Tapasa arrive with Rickert's water spraying fire extinguisher filled with flammable liquid and light the Raksas on fire - flame-thrower style.

Rickert and Silat think they have won as Erica, Luca, and her lady lackies look on at the inferno in the distance. As the flames rage, Erica runs out of the house to make sure Rickert is okay.

Meanwhile, the victory celebration is cut short as Rickert, Silat and the Tapasa watch the Raksas transform into a war demon. The inferno around his darkness still blazes, but he manages to snare a nearby horse, split it in two, and put himself out with its blood.

While some of the Raksas still burns, he throws the horse and smashes the Tapasa's flame-thrower. As the group faces a tough battle, Erica runs into the area. As Rickert tries to tell her to get back and Luca tries to wrangle her, the Raksas takes advantage of the obvious weak point and snatches Erica up in its tendrils.

You can read this chapter online here.

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