Sunday, December 27, 2015

Berserk 339 - Moonlit Capital

Previously on Berserk, after slapping Griffith right in his pretty face, Rickert decides that it might not be wise to remain in Falconia, lest he or his new friends face the wrath of the city's glorious leader. However, just as he steeled his resolve to leave the city, he is attacked by a Raksas, a creature of darkness formerly of Kushan alliance, only to be saved by another former Kushan warrior, Silat and his Tapasa guardians.

After saving Rickert, Silat and his guardians continue to defend and drive off the Raksas, although Silat does not do so without an ulterior motive in the form of seeking information from Rickert. However, as the Raksas' attacks do not relent, the Tapasa guardians step in. Both twins manage to snare the creature allowing Silat to drive his hand blade into its mask. Not unlike a woman (or man,   or cosmetic test animal, or clown, (we don't judge here)) splashed with water after doing their make up, the Raksas sulks off after losing its face. However, it leaves with an ominous warning, stating he will be back later that night.

After Silat lowers his mask, Rickert recognizes him from the fight he had with Gutts. Silat threatens to rough the information he needs out of Rickert, but instead Rickert makes a deal with him. In exchange for everything Silat wants to know about Griffith, the warrior needs to get him out of the city before the Raksas can return and finish the job. To prepare before nightfall, Rickert takes his rescuers back to his home.

As the Tapasa stand out, they are sent to the stables while Silat, Rickert, and Luca plot inside. However, Daiba seems to recognize the Kushan, yet does nothing.

Rickert and Silat explain the situation to Erica, Luca, and her lady lackies. Stating that now he definitely must leave Falconia tonight. The ladies wonder where Rickert intends to go as the world is not safe anymore, but Silat explains that he can go to the secret village of the Bakiraka, the clan of stealthy assassins he leads. The lady lackies and Erica retreat to gather provisions, but Luca lingers, telling Rickert that if he leaves Erica behind, she will take care of her.

However, Rickert makes the correct decision to take Erica with, as she is his family. Luca and even Silat seem pleased with his decision. The chapter ends with night falling and the Raksas swooping overhead on his giant bird of darkness.

You can read this chapter online here.

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