Sunday, December 27, 2015

Berserk 338 - Death Visits at Dusk

Previously on Berserk, after witnessing Griffith perform miracles and then seeing the demon army he keeps behind closed doors, Rickert finally meets his old commander again for the first time since on the Hill of Swords. Rickert has the realization that the Falcon of Light is not the same commander that he followed in the Band  the Hawk and leaves, but not before slapping Griffith right in his pasty face.

Although Griffith was slapped in front of a decent portion of his court and commanders, he seems to take in stride, but his pensive face has concealed a murderous intent before. However, demon general Locus handled his malice with less poise, visibly crushing one of Falconia's stone railings as Rickert left the fortress unscathed. However, Falconia's intruder mentioned briefly in previous chapters turns out to be Silat, who is intrigued by Rickert's encounter with Griffith.

Back in the city, Rickert seems less bothered by his encounter as he helps the refugees fix their wagon. Afterwards, he even goes so far as to fix an old portable water spraying device he found in a warehouse, giving the city a fast way to deal with any fires. Of course, this earns the countless praise of those looking on as well as the flirtation of Luca and her lady lackies, much to the ire of Erica.

Unfortunately, Rickert knows that slapping Griffith was not the most fantastic idea in the world and begins to doubt he can stay in the city. He is impressed that everyone works with such dedication like in the old Band of the Hawk, but also realizes that retribution is coming. He eventually begins to contemplate leaving Erica in the city and teeters between if she will be safe there or not.

However, after realizing that Erica is indeed his family and he does not want to lose her, Rickert is approached by a Raksas. It is unclear whether Griffith or Locus sent him, but he makes it perfectly clear that Rickert is to die.

However, just as Rickert's head is about to be parted from his shoulders, Silat and his Tapasa guardians appear and drive Raksas off.

You can read this chapter online here.

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