Friday, December 25, 2015

Berserk 337 - Bridge of Parting

Previously on Berserk, Rickert followed demon general Locus to Pandaemonium where Griffith keeps his demon army. Shocked at how Griffith could be so much like a God and a demon, he eventually returned to speak with the man himself.

After the mass funeral, Griffith, the Pope, Princess Charlotte, and Sophia retreat to the palace gardens to have a little tea party. They are all patting Griffith and Sophia on the back and commenting on what a good job they have been doing when finally Rickert and Locus approach to talk with Griffith.

Rickert is still heavily conflicted about meeting Griffith, more so than ever after seeing both the funeral and Pandaemonium. However, as Griffith leaves his tea party to meet him on the bridge, his resolve is steeled. When Griffith asked him if he had considered what he said on the Hill of Swords and if he still believed in his dream, the manga confirmed that Rickert's balls have indeed dropped when he...

...slaps his former commander right in his ambiguously evil face. Needless to say, all Griffith's subjects are mortified and ready to attack Rickert, but Griffith calls them off. Rickert states that he made all those swords because he was ashamed he couldn't be there with his comarades, but he can't bring himself to get angry like Gutts. He bids farewell by saying the Griffith he is today is not the Griffith he followed before or would follow again.

You can read the chapter online here.

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