Thursday, December 24, 2015

Berserk 336 - Pandaemonium

Previously on Berserk, Rickert was invited up to Griffith's Palace to have a chat with him. However, Griffith was in the middle of a massive funeral. During the rite, Rickert witness Griffith bring back the souls of the deceased from the other side to say goodbye to their loved ones.

Rickert is dumbstruck watching Griffith work his magic, however the demon general Locus interrupts and asks Rickert to follow him. After Owen is alerted to an intrusion in the palace, Locus and Rickert leave. While riding on horseback to another end of this massive palace, Locus asks Rickert's intentions for Griffith, wondering whether he wants to ask about what happened during the eclipse. However, he insists that Rickert must see this before talking to Griffith.They approach a great giant dome referred to Pandaemonium that houses the "beak and talons" of Griffith. When suddenly...

The chapter shifts to Erica. She has teamed up with some local kids to try and peek at the monster held in the barn, but is foiled by Daiba. As he catches only her, she is forced to do his work for him, but as she doesn't complain he takes a liking to her. After complaining about his old knees, Erica fetches a leg brace that Rickert had made for Daiba to use. He is pleased to find that it helps. Luca arrives on the scene and they converse about Godo, Erica's father. Erica tells them about a giant sword he had once forged and they both scoff that a sword that huge couldn't be used, before both realizing who indeed could use such a weapon.

Rickert and Locus enter Pandaemonium to find a giant demon Thunderdome where apostales gathered by Griffith fight endlessly to hone their skills. Locus explains that they follow Griffith and serve as his sword, a demon army to throw against his enemies. Pandaemonium also keeps them from running wild.

You can read the chapter online here.

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