Thursday, December 24, 2015

Berserk 335 - Divine Right

Previously on Berserk, Rickert found himself inside Falconia and was getting settled with Erica. However, he was invited to talk with Griffith in his new capital and was left weary after their last meeting on the Hill of Swords.

The chapter begins with Rickert climbing an apparently exhaustively long pathway up to Griffith's palace. After finally reaching the top, Rickert runs into Lord Owen, now apparently just a Commander of the Palace Guard. He states it is his honor to guide Rickert, a ex-Commander in the previous Band of the Hawks, around the castle. However, he cannot meet with Griffith right away as he is attending Mass. Owen leads Rickert there to watch.

The Mass is actually a large funeral for fallen soldiers who will be entombed in the palace, an honor now afforded to all those fallen defending the kingdom. That aside, the chamber is a who's who for past Midland nobles and demons. Seer Sophia is at Griffith's side as is the Pope and Princess Charlotte.However, as Griffith gives the funerary rites, he uses some magic to bring the spirits of the fallen back from the other side to briefly to speak to their loved ones.

As Rickert watches, demon general Locus approaches. Although he is in human form, Rickert knows he is not human right away. The pair have a conversation about the divine right to rule and states that while some noble families state that God has given them that right, when Griffith performs magic like this, there is no denying his right to rule.

You can read the chapter online here.

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