Thursday, December 24, 2015

Berserk 334 - City of Men

Previously on Berserk, after being saved by the new Band of the Hawk, Rickert is escorted through the forest by them to Falconia, of which we get our first real peek.

The chapter begins by giving up a nice, long look at the inside of Falconia and how Kentaro Muira was heavily inspired by Ancient Rome when creating it. Erica is shocked by the amount of people gathered in one place, but Rickert is more shocked by the army of Kushan marching out to help refugees in need, as well as them stating how thankful they are to Falconia.

The group is taken to the refugee sorting office where they will be given temporary housing. Laban gives Rickert a recommendation to both of the Guild of Smithing and Craftsmen as well as to the army. He also announces that a meeting between Rickert and Griffith has already been arranged. Rickert is apprehensive after their last meeting where Griffith flew off with Zodd.

Rickert and the rest accompany their drivers to the stable where great Kushan sorcerer Daiba now has the incredible honor of...tending to the horses. He also keeps a giant unseen monster that wants to eat the horses in check.

In this chapter, Luca, the former prostitute from way back in the Conviction Arc, makes an appearance to help settle in the group. Luca and her group of lady lackies also whisk Erica off for a long conversation in the baths.

After some comforting bath snuggling, Erica parts from Luca and her group. The chapter ends with Rickert tucking Erica in with a loving, creepy stare, before looking out over the city.

You can read the chapter online here.

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