Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Berserk 333 - Paradise

Previously on Berserk, the manga shifts focus from Gutts and his journey to Rickert and a group of refugees travelling through the forest while being chased by trolls. While Rickert and his amazing invention keeps the beasts at bay, they are almost overrun until the Band of the Hawk and demon general Irvine show up and save the day.

After defeating the Cockatrice, the Band of the Hawk clear the road with Rickert in shock at Irvine and the new Band of the Hawk. After being attacked, yet again, by harpies, Band of the Hawk human general Laban compliments Rickert's crossbow gatling gun. Rickert recognizes the general from the old days and shares his status as an original Band of the Hawk member from the 100 Years War and they comment on how the world has changed. As they emerge from the forest, Rickert sees just how much.

The outskirts of Windham, now Falconia, is protected from the demons in the world beyond by massive winged crystals surround a magical light tree called the Helix Tree. As Rickert learns from Laban, this tree not only protects from demons, but causes bountiful harvests and has attracted huge amounts of refugees. As the crew travels through the outskirts, we get out first glance at Falconia.

The chapter ends with Rickert and the rest of the refugees arriving in Falconia, the world's only fortress.

You can read the chapter online here.

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