Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Berserk 332 - Caravan

Previously on Berserk, Gutts and crew continued their trip to Elfhelm escorted by Merrows. however, the black haired child disappeared, causing the crew to speculate what he really is. Below deck, Gutts is set to healing, but thinks back on the use of his armor and his mission. However, finally acknowledging that sailing on a boat is boring, Muira switched to another side of the world to focus on Rickert for this chapter.

 Rickert finds himself riding on the back end of a caravan fleeing from a small army of trolls. Rickert manages to hold them off from catching up with an (awesome) crossbow gatling gun, but the string is about to break from the wear. Things get more dire for the caravan when a dead tree in the road grinds the wagons to the halt. However, just as the trolls are about to overcome them, Irvine and his regiment of the Band of the Hawk arrive to save the day.

While the Band of the Hawk soldiers manage to slay the trolls with relative ease, the battle is not yet over. Alongside the trolls, apparently the commotion attracted a Cockatrice.

The devastating shriek of the Cockatrice stuns the horses of the Band of the Hawk soldier, causing one to sieze and the soldier to nearly be eaten. However, saving his life, and the day, at the last second is Irvine, the hunter of the New Band of the Hawk. Much to Rickert's surprise (and no one elses, apparently), Irvine transforms into his demon form.

The chapter ends with Irvine firing a massive arrow into the Cockatrice's mouth, presumably killing it.

You can read the chapter online here.

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