Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Berserk 329 - The Spring Blossom of Another Day 2

Previously on Berserk, the manga, yet again, parted from the present day to shed more light on Gutts after he left Gambino, but before joining the Band of the Hawk. He found himself a prisoner of war, thrown in a dungeon to die. However, Gutts spotted a fairy hiding behind a single flower growing in his cell.

The fairy almost immediately disappears, leaving Gutts to think he was delirious. However, he has little time to ponder it as the local Viscount comes in, eager to inspect Gutts. Being the man of tiny, broken trust that he is, Gutts suspects something creepy is up as the Viscount looks him over and starts to treat his wounds. However, instead of going Berserk's usual boy-rape route, the Viscount actually wants Gutts to duel his son to give him confidence for his first battle, suggesting Gutts die in the duel.

Gutts is not necessarily compliant, but they leave him to shiver out the night in his cell. As he does, the fairy returns. She tickles Gutts with a piece of hay and after a loud sneeze they get to talking. The fairy is Chicchi, the spirit of that one singular flower. She tells Gutts she is greatful he ate the rat before it could eat her flower and cause her to disappear.

Chicchi asks what she can do to repay Gutts and he, of course, asks her to steal a key so he can get out. Unfortunately, she can't stray too far from the flower. Instead he asks her to bring him some water. As Gutts continues to shiver, Chicchi tries her best to warm him.

After Chicchi notices Gutts is bleeding, she patches him up with a leaf from her flower. As Gutts starts to move around, Chicchi becomes sad thinking that Gutts will leave her. However, after playing some squishy face with what young Gutts still thinks is a hallucination or manifestation of his own loneliness and weakness, he promises to take the flower with him to a group of the same flowers growing over the hill so she won't be lonely anymore.

However, while Gutts awakes feeling strong again the next morning, the flower is without leaves. Chicchi plucked them all to heal him and now the flower is dying.The chapter ends with Gutts picking the flower just as he is summoned by the Viscount, taking it with him out of the dungeon.

You can read this chapter online here.

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