Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Berserk 328 - The Spring Blossom of Another Day 1

Previously on Berserk, after failing to surface after defeating the Sea God, his motley crew and newfound Merrow allies worked to save him. While Gutts managed to escape with help from the Moonlight Boy and is hauled towards the boat by the Merrows, it seems Berserk is going to take some time out for flashbacks to a younger, Pre-Band of the Hawk Gutts.

This flashback chapter  begins with Gutts and a number of other mercenaries being forced to march as prisoners of war. Gutts is injured and being beaten for slowing down the march, but he is - true to form - defiant and aggressive.

A jolly mercenary marching behind Gutts named Martino starts trying to make conversation with Gutts, stating they are marching them to toil in the mines until they die. Eventually, Gutts collapses again. This time, Martino protects young Gutts from being beat more and ends up carrying him.

Martino's generousity goes even further when he manages to pick the lock on young Gutts's shackles, even though he cannot pick his own, suggesting he escape down the hill. However, as Gutts makes a run for it, Martino slips his own shackles and, as the guards catch Gutts, Martino can be seen escaping uphill.

The flashback then goes back even further in Gutts's life when he was fighting with Gambino, showing that even Gambino used him as a decoy, suggesting he should have learned his lesson.

Flash forward to the previous flashback time and Gutts is laying in a cell. He's lost a lot of blood from his wound and he is freezing cold. He lays staring at a single flower growing through the floor in his cell and almost resigns to death. However, when a rat comes to nibble on the flower, he snatches it up and devours it in a desperate attempt to cling to life.

The chapter ends with Gutts curling up under the hay and staring at the flower when suddenly a fairy peeks behind its stem.

You can read this chapter online here.

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