Tuesday, December 29, 2015

First Promotional Video for Berserk Anime 2016

Released during Winter Comiket 89 in Japan at the NBC Universal booth, this first teaser of the new Berserk Animation Project (likely a movie) hypes Gutts' giant Dragonslayer and shows little else besides obnoxious usage of CGI.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Berserk 343 - Flame Doll

Previously on Berserk, Gutts and his crew finally landed on Skellig Island. However, instead of a simple walk to Elfhelm, they were greeted by countless traps and looked on by unknown humans. After overcoming a field of stones that caused those not from the island to become lost, the group stumbled into a field of pumpkins where the scarecrows came to life, ready to attack.

Berserk 342 - Landing

Previously on Berserk, Rickert arrived in Falconia with refugees only to be forced to leave after slapping Griffith and having a Kushan assassin set on him. With the help of former Kushan Silat and Daiba, Rickert and Erica manage to flee the city on the back of winged monsters. However, as one journey begins, another across the world is finally ending.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Berserk 341 - Soaring Escape

Previously on Berserk, Rickert, Silat, and the Tapasa fight the shadow assassin Raksas in the streets of Falconia at night. While trying to slay it with light, fire, bowgun, and even toe knife, the creature persists. However, as the crew tries to find a way to defeat it, Erica runs onto the battlefield. Still burning and trying to put itself out, the Raksas lifts up Erica with its tendrils, looking to rip her apart and douse the fire with her blood.

Berserk 340 - Struggle in the Dark

Previously on Berserk, Rickert decided to leave Falconia after slapping and snubbing Griffith. However, before he can leave a Kushan creature called a Raksas attacks Rickert. Before Rickert can be slain by the creature he is saved by another Kushan named Silat who seeks information on Griffith. Rickert makes a deal to trade in information to Silat in return for helping him flee the Raksas assassin and Falconia.

Berserk 339 - Moonlit Capital

Previously on Berserk, after slapping Griffith right in his pretty face, Rickert decides that it might not be wise to remain in Falconia, lest he or his new friends face the wrath of the city's glorious leader. However, just as he steeled his resolve to leave the city, he is attacked by a Raksas, a creature of darkness formerly of Kushan alliance, only to be saved by another former Kushan warrior, Silat and his Tapasa guardians.

Berserk 338 - Death Visits at Dusk

Previously on Berserk, after witnessing Griffith perform miracles and then seeing the demon army he keeps behind closed doors, Rickert finally meets his old commander again for the first time since on the Hill of Swords. Rickert has the realization that the Falcon of Light is not the same commander that he followed in the Band  the Hawk and leaves, but not before slapping Griffith right in his pasty face.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Berserk 337 - Bridge of Parting

Previously on Berserk, Rickert followed demon general Locus to Pandaemonium where Griffith keeps his demon army. Shocked at how Griffith could be so much like a God and a demon, he eventually returned to speak with the man himself.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Berserk 336 - Pandaemonium

Previously on Berserk, Rickert was invited up to Griffith's Palace to have a chat with him. However, Griffith was in the middle of a massive funeral. During the rite, Rickert witness Griffith bring back the souls of the deceased from the other side to say goodbye to their loved ones.

Berserk 335 - Divine Right

Previously on Berserk, Rickert found himself inside Falconia and was getting settled with Erica. However, he was invited to talk with Griffith in his new capital and was left weary after their last meeting on the Hill of Swords.

Berserk 334 - City of Men

Previously on Berserk, after being saved by the new Band of the Hawk, Rickert is escorted through the forest by them to Falconia, of which we get our first real peek.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Berserk 333 - Paradise

Previously on Berserk, the manga shifts focus from Gutts and his journey to Rickert and a group of refugees travelling through the forest while being chased by trolls. While Rickert and his amazing invention keeps the beasts at bay, they are almost overrun until the Band of the Hawk and demon general Irvine show up and save the day.

Berserk 332 - Caravan

Previously on Berserk, Gutts and crew continued their trip to Elfhelm escorted by Merrows. however, the black haired child disappeared, causing the crew to speculate what he really is. Below deck, Gutts is set to healing, but thinks back on the use of his armor and his mission. However, finally acknowledging that sailing on a boat is boring, Muira switched to another side of the world to focus on Rickert for this chapter.

Berserk 331 - Shooting Star

Previously on Berserk, after defeating the Sea God, the manga took some time out of the present to do a three-chapter flashback to Gutts during his post-Gambino, pre-Band of the Hawk life where he met a fairy for the first time. However, now it is time to get back to the present...

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Berserk 330 - The Spring Blossoms of Another Day 3

Previously on Berserk, the manga is flashing back to a post-Gambino, pre-Band of the Hawk Gutts where he has been healed with the help of a fairy while being held as a prisoner of war. Although it looks as though she killed the flower that is her life force, Gutts has little time to ponder as he is marched off to duel the Viscount's son.

Berserk 329 - The Spring Blossom of Another Day 2

Previously on Berserk, the manga, yet again, parted from the present day to shed more light on Gutts after he left Gambino, but before joining the Band of the Hawk. He found himself a prisoner of war, thrown in a dungeon to die. However, Gutts spotted a fairy hiding behind a single flower growing in his cell.

Berserk 328 - The Spring Blossom of Another Day 1

Previously on Berserk, after failing to surface after defeating the Sea God, his motley crew and newfound Merrow allies worked to save him. While Gutts managed to escape with help from the Moonlight Boy and is hauled towards the boat by the Merrows, it seems Berserk is going to take some time out for flashbacks to a younger, Pre-Band of the Hawk Gutts.

Berserk 327 - Surfacing

Previously on Berserk, with the help of the Merrows, Gutts defeated the Sea God by piercing its heart. However, as everyone was joyous in their victory they soon realized that Gutts had failed to surface.

Let's Watch: Berserk: Golden Age Arc III: The Descent

Alongside the first and second movies, it is now time for the third and final part of the Golden Age Arc. Another pleasant YouTube video, so watch it before it gets taken down and you are stuck with those sub-less renditions.

Let's Watch: Berserk: Golden Age Arc II: The Battle for Doldrey

While I work on finding a source that works for the first Berserk movie, those who have already seen it can enjoy the second part of the Golden Arc, and so nicely uploaded to YouTube to boot (at least for the moment).

Monday, December 21, 2015

Gutts v. The Count - New Berserk Anime Announced for 2016

This is shaping up to be a bang-up time for Berserk fans after a seriously long lull. Kentaro Muira is putting out slightly more chapters than usual, Gutts and his irritating band finally got to Elfhelm, I'm actually updating the Band of the Hawk Blog, and now, to top it all off, a new addition to Berserk's anime repertoire has been announced, but don't get too excited yet.

Band of the Hawk Blog, now with 100% More Merchandise!

As some of you may have noticed, there has been a change up there in yonder navigation bar. The tab to watch the Berserk anime online is gone - most of the videos were deleted at the source anyway - and in its stead is the Berserk Store.

I had a bit of a kerfuffle with Google over the anime tab, so I figured if I couldn't let you watch the anime, I could still show you where to get it legally. The Berserk Store not only features the original anime series, the movies, and the manga for sale, it features a lot of (surprisingly cool) other merchandise. It is all fulfilled by Amazon and run through their system, so no need to worry about safety. (I know Band of the Hawk Blog can be a little dubious, not unlike Femto and his Falconia)

If you'd like to check it out, the link is up above or you can go through here.