Thursday, September 20, 2012

Berserk 325 - Merrow 2

Previously in Berserk chapter 324, Isma says the merrow will help fight the Sea God and the crew goes forth to do so with their puny human weapons.


The cannons seem to be doing a fair amount of damage to the Sea God, but well all know that cannons alone will not kill this big bitch.

Meanwhile, Isma is flopping around under water kind of know, looking at the Sea God when she gets attacked. Another merrow rescues her and tells and welcomes her home.This is where Isma learns that merrow fight with the power of song.

So let's sing this bad mofo down!


Inside the great sea beast, Gutts is not faring so well. The sonic boom is kind of literally melting his body from the inside. Shrieke is starting to suspect that Gutts has lost his sight and hearing, and right she is! Luckily, Gutts has managed to slay all the fodder inside the Sea God and is ready to go at the heart.


She attempts to give Gutts directions, but he falls, having lost all feeling in his body and all five of his senses. It looks like things might be bad. Suddenly, Gutts is roused by the wonderfully power of song...


Hundreds and hundreds of merrow singing! Singing like a past their prime boy band!

Since Evil Genius appears to be done right at the moment, and Berserk manga download are nigh impossible to find elsewhere, no download for this one. But if you are interested, I read it online here. 

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