Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Berserk 324 - Merrow

From where we left off last chapter, Isma flops on deck with Ishidoro, as well as a few other "merrows" (mermaids, pretty much). Isma tries to remember her true name, but the elfs warn her against speaking it. As apparently, magical creatures, or at least elves and mermaids, have true names but if they tell them to people the people will have complete control over them.

Meanwhile, the Sea God has attracted the rest of the mermaids as they are racing towards him. Isma explains that they will help fight the Sea God and not aid him. The boat readies the cannons and prepares to get closer.

While the crew prepares to berate the outside, Gutts continues to chop-chop-chop away at the inside. However, either Shierke's magic is wearing or the suit is getting stronger. His suit begins to make his eyes, ears, and mouth bleed as it takes it's toll on him. That's...pretty much all we see of him, lol.

The chapter ends with the crew sailing closer to the Sea God.
There's no set date for the next release. For that, I am sad. But you know how this goes. I hate how he ends with some sort of mundane crap and goes to do his own thing.

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  1. So was I the only one who saw this from the start of the arc or what?

  2. judging by the halo we saw a few months ago i thought she would be some fucking huge evil epic monster, not a fucking mermaid...

  3. I barely remember what happened in Berserk 3 chapters ago. So I recall nothin', but I figured she'd end up being something.

  4. I was under the impression that Guts was bleeding because he was getting pounded by the sonic boom of the sea gods beating heart

  5. That's more probable. I'd forgotten about the heart beat.

  6. its the heart beat thats making guts bleed so much, not da suit