Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Berserk 323 - Call of the Deep

Finally, a chapter that can be considered in the "somewhat interesting" category. As you remember from 322, the Sea God burst through a mountain and is now absorbing the demons Pirates, or eating them, frankly I don't care which as long as I never seen them again.

Inside, Gutts is fighting the heartworms when it seems the Sea God decided it's time to move it's heart so Gutts gambles his life on one giant leap to get to it. It appears he was eaten by the heartworms, but we've all known Gutts long enough that he'll dramatically burst from them spraying bodies part everywhere. Alas, that's not for this chapter. In fact, we don't even see him for the rest of the chapter.

Back on board the boat, the crew braces themselves for a giant wave, as we all know a giant monster plopping into the ocean would be enough to create an awesome Tsunami. It kind of makes you wonder if Muira was trying to be funny or something, lol. But it hits the boat which makes it through, but Ishidoro is washed overboard.

Isma deems it necessary to dive in after him, but apparently she wasn't in too much of a rush because she strips naked first. =/

Underwater, after grabbing Ishidoro, Isma sees the Sea Gods tentacles catching up to them when she starts hearing a voice telling he that she has a true name and a destiny that was kept from her.

...And she becomes and awesome Meremaid :D
A creature first for Berserk.

She shoots herself and Ishidoro out of the water with awesome mere-tail strength and the chapter ends. Expect the next on on July 22nd!

Download the chapter here.

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