Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Berserk 322 - A Thundering Heart

The chapter starts off with Ishidoro pulling up his man panties and finally clashing swords with the Demon Pirate Captain. He does surprisingly well, commenting that he's had lots of practice from their previous fight me. So well in fact the Pirate Captain wants him to switch sides. So he does. And Griffith shows up and destroys the fucking world.

Kidding. He doesn't switch sides, Griffith doesn't show up. Nothing interesting really happens except Ishidoro gets pushed into a corner and Isma shoots a spear into his head. The Pirate Captain tries to absorb his comrades, but Isma throws explosives into their holes and they blow up and die. You see why I lied? I tried to make it more interesting.

Some cheering commences, and the scene switches to Gutts (thank God) who is nearing the heart. Now I'd like to take a break from this synopsis for some predictions, I predict Muira has played Gears of War and will make this Sea God have many hearts. Just to prolong this utterly uninteresting and useless arc on a little further. Anyway, Gutts comments that what he is wading through is making his legs go numb, I assume it is blood, but why in the world is blood just flowing freely? The heartbeat is also making him go insane as any loud beating noise would.

As he gets to the heart, it speeds up and a bunch of demons come at him. Many demons.

It is then the Sea God decides to just burst through a cliff right by the ship and be all like Ohai. Thankfully a new chapter comes out on July 8th. The same day news about the new Berserk movie comes out.

Download Berserk 322 here!

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