Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Naughty Review: Meet 'N Fuck: Magic Book

This a review of the latest addition by VadimGoD on Newgrounds to his Meet 'N Fuck series. Name of our new hero is Sherman Dooffy. He is a geek who spends a lot of time in the library. After being assaulted by a hot chicks boyfriend, aforementioned hot chick and geek find a magic book. In this game, you pick the right combination of words and it will transform you into something.

Now most Meet 'N Fucks I reckon were supposed to be more sexy than funny, but this one definitely has some great humor in it. And it has sexy transformations for the ladies as well as the men. The downside is, there's not a "whole lot" of sex. But it's great for laughs.

Personally, I found this to be the best one since Meet 'N Fuck Kingdom which I liked because of it's length.

Play the game in all it's glory here

I'll also add cheats:

Female Combos
Drekavae + Leeraal = Sexy Russian
Drekave + Labasu = Furry
Drekave + Jikininke = Huge Milk Tits + Action
Drekave + Pazuzu = Native American
Drekave + Sindragasum = Witch
Drekave + Haagenti = Black Angel + Action
Leeraal + Labasu = Sheeva
Leeraal + Jikininke = Chun Li
Leeraal + Pazuzu = Another Native American + Action
Leeraal + Sindragasum = Pirate
Leeraal + Haagenti = Robot
Labasu + Jikininke = Medusa
Labasu + Pazuzu = Blue Haired with weird staff and gems
Labasu + Sindragasum = Dominatrix + Action
Labasu + Haagenti = Avatar
Jinkininke + Pazuzu = Amazon Women
Jinkininke + Sindragasum = Jessica Rabbit
Jinkininke + Haagenti = Goth Girl
Pazuzu + Sindragasum = Twins +Action
Pazuzu + Haagenti = Devil Girl
Sindragasum + Haagenti = Tied Up Elf

Male Combos:

Kabhanda + Marchosias = Weightlifter
Kabhanda + Cerberus = Big Cock + Action
Kabhanda + Rahovart = Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
Kabhanda + Furcas = Cowboy
Kabhanda + Nekomata = Sumo Wresler
Kabhanda + Incubus = Demon Apes + Action
Marchosias + Cerberus = Dracula
Marchosias + Rahovart = Mummy
Marchosias + Furcas = Gasmask
Marchosias + Nekomata = Genie
Marchosias + Incubus = Minotaur
Cerberus + Rahovart = Centuar + Action
Cerberus + Furcas = Alien
Cerberus + Nekomata = Cyclops
Cerberus + Incubus = Hellboy
Rahovart + Furcas = Alien Squid + Action
Rahovart + Nekomata = Desperado
Rahovart + Incubus = Mario
Furcas + Nekomata = Viken + Action
Furcas + Incubus = Wizard
Nekomata + Incubus = Austin Powers

Berserk 322 - A Thundering Heart

The chapter starts off with Ishidoro pulling up his man panties and finally clashing swords with the Demon Pirate Captain. He does surprisingly well, commenting that he's had lots of practice from their previous fight me. So well in fact the Pirate Captain wants him to switch sides. So he does. And Griffith shows up and destroys the fucking world.

Berserk Movie news - July 8th

Recent Tweets from the oddly quiet Berserk Movie Twitter page say that there will be news on the movie released on July the 8th. Fans speculate it will be a release date, I speculate it will be a whole SHITSTORM WORTH OF CRAP I DON'T CARE ABOUT. Like "Oh, we got Yoko Kanno to do the music instead of Susumu Hirosawa." or "Berserk project of hold for three monthes, so sorry about lack of updates"

Don't you dare make this like Duke Nukem Forever, where you put this off for TWELVE fuckin' years then push out some clunky feeling nostaligia fest tha--

I'm sorry, I got a bit off track. I've been sulking badstyle since I did not get my June release like they hinted it. But I am willing to ...wait, what with the earthquake and all. My sulking has made me a bit inactive, and normally when authors write that, it's them slowly leaving you. But I'd never do that. Many updates. Soon. Definitely a Berserk chapter update within the evening. Possibly a Duke Nukem Forever ragefest at a later date.

Picture possibly related, by the way. Looks real, but I found it at a pretty unofficial source.