Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Berserk 322 - A Thundering Heart

The chapter starts off with Ishidoro pulling up his man panties and finally clashing swords with the Demon Pirate Captain. He does surprisingly well, commenting that he's had lots of practice from their previous fight me. So well in fact the Pirate Captain wants him to switch sides. So he does. And Griffith shows up and destroys the fucking world.

Berserk Movie news - July 8th

Recent Tweets from the oddly quiet Berserk Movie Twitter page say that there will be news on the movie released on July the 8th. Fans speculate it will be a release date, I speculate it will be a whole SHITSTORM WORTH OF CRAP I DON'T CARE ABOUT. Like "Oh, we got Yoko Kanno to do the music instead of Susumu Hirosawa." or "Berserk project of hold for three monthes, so sorry about lack of updates"

Don't you dare make this like Duke Nukem Forever, where you put this off for TWELVE fuckin' years then push out some clunky feeling nostaligia fest tha--

I'm sorry, I got a bit off track. I've been sulking badstyle since I did not get my June release like they hinted it. But I am willing to ...wait, what with the earthquake and all. My sulking has made me a bit inactive, and normally when authors write that, it's them slowly leaving you. But I'd never do that. Many updates. Soon. Definitely a Berserk chapter update within the evening. Possibly a Duke Nukem Forever ragefest at a later date.

Picture possibly related, by the way. Looks real, but I found it at a pretty unofficial source.