Monday, May 23, 2011

Saiyans want you to stab-stab-stab your troubles away

A 38 year old named Mitsuru Imai was convicted today to a 3 year prison sentence, which is suspended for five years because he stabbed a 57 year old man with a kitchen knife. Here's the kicker, Imai claims a Saiyan from the Dragonball series, not a specific one, told him to do it.

The judge deemed that he was not quite guilty for attempted homocide, but also not guilty of temporary insanity. So, if Imai doesn't commit a crime within five years before his prison sentence, he won't got to prison. This lax sentence kind of makes me want to commit crimes in Japan, seriously.

I, however, see flaws in his story. Saiyans don't normally use weapons to attempt to kill people. They fight, with their fists, like real men! So in theory, he would tell the man to beat his victims not stab them. Imai, there are holes here.

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