Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Omnipotent Body Shuttering Gasm: Madoka Magica

My previous post about my thoughts on Madoka Magica, thoroughly unspoiled by spoilers and general ignorance based based on my taste in anime can now be clarified as I have now finished the series. Open to close. There's a reason the title is as it is, it is how I explained how I felt about the ending to my Co-Author Hickshooter after he had several turns of "Guess the gasm that show just gave me." (Game spawned from the term Angst-gasm, which is how we refer to the ending of the Berserk Anime).

There are few words, the comments from before told me shit gets real after episode three. Which was mostly true aside from a few major tripfests with the artwork in the beginning. The series progressively turned towards despair, but I've seen my fair share of sad things in anime. I didn't become truly affected until the tenth episode. Basically, when some shit got explained.

Madoka Magica is a solid lesson to me that I shouldn't judge anime by it's cover, I've been trying, but Lord do they make it hard sometimes with lolita outfits and varying hair colors.

I'm not known for being into decoding deep symbolism in anime, but I believe if you are into that, there is enough in Madoka to keep you entertained and thinking for several watches over. Not just in the dialogue, but in the artwork as well. The meaning in the dialogue is pretty straight forward, as dialogue usually is, but I do believe that there is some meaning hidden deep within the art of the witches.

Critical thinking material aside, the music was set on God mode pretty much the entire time. I won't lie, I'm in love with the violin and was happy to hear some old classics thrown in there.

For fun, I'm going to sum this up with my review system I use for reviewing things.

-5 Pink and blue hair colors.
-5 Lolita dress
-5 Transforming from normal to magical girl mode was generic as shiiiit

+5 Girls were the age they looked
+5 Witches trip my face off
+1 I wish I could curtsy and rifles fell from my dress
+5 Stopping time to steal weapons, lawl
+20 I had to collect my brain after episode 12
+10 Music was inspiring.

-16/+46 I say I liked it, a lot. I hope to see more like it. Not necessarily Magical Girls, but super awesome angsty deep anime.

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