Sunday, May 15, 2011

Berserk 321 - The Sea God (3)

The chapter starts off in a little more badass manner than usual with the barrier holding against the spawn of the Sea God, however, the pirates just come busting through it since it's effectiveness is pnly half against real people. But how how pirates that have been merged to their ship are real people, I don't know. The real badass part is when the Captain Pirate and Ishidoro get into a screaming match and Ishidoro leads the charge in.

We then change back to Gutts who is trying, and failing, to kill the trilobytes trying to escape the stomach acid. They become so heavy that they bring the mast down and Gutts gambles on the fact that he can cut open the stomach. His gamble was correct and they get "burped" into another part of the body.

The Sea God has a serious demon tapeworm problem though. He provides them with nourishment, they defend his insides. Gutts and shierke press onwards saying that they will have to fight through many of those nests and that is the last we see of them for the chapter.

Back outside, the crew is attempting to hold the pirates charge back, in which Serpico helps blow them back with his wind and the "Great Mustachiod Horseman" (Yeah, lol) cuts them down. The chapter ends with Ishidoro and the Pirate Captain clashing swords.

They next chapter may actually be an Ishidoro fight. :D As Gutts' apprentice, he really needs to do something badass to save face.For the first time since this Sea God crap started, I'm actually looking forward to the next chapter. Too bad Miura is a total cockblock and isn't releasing it till June 24th. But if I understand correctly, it'll return to bi-weekly after that.

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