Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TokyoPop's death and you!

TokyoPop recently announced that it will be closing it's last North American office. If you're awesome and don't live in North America, then this means nothing for you. You're good, bros. If you do live in North America, then you better hop your favorite series is carried by Viz or Dark Horse, because Tokyopop is unsure what will happen to it's English releases over here. Apparently, the bankruptcy of the bookstore Borders really hit them hard, as I would have assumed since they were my main stop for buying manga.

So unless someone else aquires the rights for Tokyopops' foreign offices continue to distribute over here, we will be without:

-Warcraft/Starcraft manga (But why...)
-Fruits Baskets
-Great Teach Onizuka (D:)
-Togainu No Chi
-Tramps Like Us

And many, many more.

If these series are no long distributed here, this will be a huuuuuge hit to a lot of series. Let us hope that they continue to give us manga. Especialy GTO, because that shit was GREAT.

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  1. I can't believe! Never could even imagine this happening to such a popular publisher.
    And don't forget about Hetalia, me and my friends were all excited about volume 4, but I guess we can't read it over here....