Monday, April 25, 2011

Puella Magi Madoka Magica - What is this strange fandom?

For the past two monthes, on every blog I follow, on every news source, all I've seen is people shitting themselves over this Puella Magi Madoka Magica show. On the outside I look at it and see a show I clearly don't want to watch. What with all the bright colors and child-like women. However, soon I am going to delve deep down into the series and watch the shit out of it to see why there is such a fuss.

I don't exactly follow the new anime seasons but when there is something that carries a strange cult following of fans that will gladly die for it, I feel the need to watch. Lucky Star I found interesting because of the unique art and it's otaku nature. Haruhi had a strange interesting flair all it's own. Perhaps I will be surprised by this anime too and brand it's name to my chest.

But UGH, magical girls.

Can my readers provide insight on why this anime is alpha as fuck, or do I just have to go find out?


  1. Wait until the end of episode three and then you will be hooked.

  2. Yes, this is the type of series that you just have to watch. I see you don't like magical girls, but worry not, for there are no magical girls here, just unfortunate fools.

  3. It's just the darkly melodramatic magical girl show everyone's wanted for forever. That's why. If people can elevate complete crap like Angel Beats into superstardom just because it tugs at heartstrings, then it should be no surprise that a solid show everyone's been waiting became bigger than Jesus.

    My advice? Don't be fooled and waste many brain cells on it - it's not some profound logical mystery or statement about humanity. Just enjoy it on a visceral level, like Gurren Lagann. Once I did that I joined the ranks of people who enjoyed it, and appreciated the over-the-top mumbo jumbo and red herrings.

    Also: prepare to be inundated with a billion opinions on why it's the best show evar. You asked for it.

  4. Just watch it and give an opinion once you've actually gone through the series. Else, I see no point on this post or trying to analyze it's fandom.

  5. This is easily the most responses I've had on any post on this blog.

    That alone disturbs me.

    But what you all intrigues.

  6. Haruhi was NOT interesting, it was simply annoying. Even for the first 3 eps of madoka, it may seem like slice of life, but after those eps is when the drama really starts.

  7. Episode 3 pulls this show out of the usual nonsense we get for Mahou Shoujo shows. The ending, especially, will blow you away. Simply unforgettable, philosophical questions a-leaking, Evangelion vibes a-peeking.

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