Saturday, April 2, 2011

I now dedicate my life to making Berserk-themed cocktails.

If there is one thing I advocate more than porn, it's drinking. I have now realized my life's mission. To make Berserk themed cocktails for several of major characters of Berserk. Now being as my 21st birthday is still 22 days (April 23rd) away, the project will have to be postponed till then, but hey! I can still think up ideas. Your input for ideas is welcomed, but I'll just go through a rough list of what I have planned.

A Gutts cocktail: A must. I have a giant wall scroll of his face on my wall, I must create one of the most fierce cocktails known to man. The idea of it screams just pouring a bunch of strong liqour in a glass, but I want this to be powerful yet palatable. Most likely Everclear based with something to try to mask the sheer fire of drinking Everclear.

A Judeau cocktail: I want something that says something about his personality. Stealthy, loyal, kind. Would it be an insult to him if I made it a girly drink?

A Caska cocktail: Dark liqour like her skin, sweeter tasting and not something that will be masked fire like the Gutts cocktail may end up like. Or I could make it so strong you felt like you got raped by demons and lost your memory. <____<

A Griffith cocktail: I must secure a way to make liqour look milky. Then I must make it a semi-homosexual girly drink. With maybe some amaretto at the bottom for blood/darkness.

Band of the Hawk cocktail: Take previous cocktails and mix? Lol. Honestly, I've got nothing for this, but I will figure something out after a browse through the liqour store.

A Zodd cocktail: MUST. MAKE. RED. LIKE. BLOOD. That's all I've got.

A Skull Knight cocktail: This cocktail must be awesome and I need to put more thought in it. Suggestions welcome.

A Void cocktail: I hate to say it, but I may use Jager in this one. Too bad, I dislike Jager. Or maybe make a cement mixer, lol. (A cement mixer is Irish Cream and Lemon Juice. It makes the drink look and feel like a brain in your mouth.

The Brand of Sacrifice cocktail: Give up those you love, and I will make you very...drunk.

As I stated before, suggestions are very much welcomed and credit will be do if you inspire me. I am pretty excited for this mission, and I have some good visual ideas in my head. I also look forward to extensive testing. However, I think my liver and stomach do not. I do make this pledge to you though readers, I will not serve you a recipe for a drink that tastes like shit. I cannot guarantee that it won't make you sick in the morning with much certainty though, I have a bit of a weak stomach.

Keep tabs on the blog in May, or late April for these updates.

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