Monday, April 25, 2011

Berserk 320 - Sea God (2)

The chapter starts where we left off in 319 with Gutts making a mad dash into the Sea God's belly. As he enters, the Demon Pirates decide that they are going to go fuck up The Sea Horse (Gutts' ship) and set sail with the whole demon armada. This chapter actually becomes interesting in the way that we see something that has not yet happened to Gutts. Him letting down his GAR face and kicking back with a donut and a coffee? No, him being INSIDE a demon to chop it up.

Thankfully, Shierke talks him out of just chopping away at his stomach, which by the way is filled with ships. So he decides to go right for the heart. However, cutting through the stomach or climbing to the ceiling would take far too long. Conveniently though,  there's a bit of stomach acid coming up on him to set the ships afloat towards the ceiling where the heart is behind. The Sea God also has a serious trilobite problem in his tummy as they also appear to be trying to escape being digested.

Back at the Sea Horse, they prepare for battle with the guys from Pirates of the Caribbean and fire their cannons on them. And it ends. I kind of wonder where this whole chapter is going. Is Gutts gonna get to the heart and just...slash at it? More probably, it's going to be some separate sentient being or some shit. Also, I call it now. Something happens to Shierkes' body and she gets pulled back and Gutts transforms.

Next chapter is May 13th though. I love these not three month breaks.

Download Berserk 320 here.

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