Sunday, April 10, 2011

Berserk 319 - The Sea God (1)

The long awaited chapter starts with Gutts with astral Shierke on his back hopping into the cave in a very Naruto-esque ninja way, where Shierke brings up that the cave has massive spiritual pressure within it. Lolpleasedontbelikebleach. As they get in further they find those god damned annoying as shit pirates again inside, who goes on and on for pages about how he can be no mere human to get this far but he's going to die anyway as an army of those...sea slug things crawl from the water. Blah de blah.

Behind the pirates, the Sea God appears who is basically a large set of jaws teeth with a tentacle beard. Regrettably, the sea god doesn't eat the pirates just harble garbles in the back. The sea god is indeed so massive in size that the tentacles they fought on the island was just a portion of his tentacle beard getting loose. Yo sea god so fat his BMI is measured in acres. Yo sea god so fat when his beeper goes off, people thought he was backing up. Yo sea god so...Okay, I'm done.

Yo sea god fat jokes aside, Shierke recommends they back up into a narrower part of the tunnel so they don't have to fight everything at once, Gutts disagrees as this would also hinder his massive sword. So in a very Gutts-like way of thinking he decides the best course of action was to go straight into the sea god's mouth and eat it's insides. Thankfully, he at least uses the annoying pirates face as a stepping stone.

Kind of boring chapter, and short to boot. A tiny fifteen pages of nothing that seems at all interesting. The sea god's design has to be one of the most...uncreative things I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure I drew a picture of the sea god when I was five. Bunch of teeth, some squigglies on the chin, you know, all that. The best part of the chapter, he left a date for the next one.

Berserk 320 - April 22nd. The best day before my birthday present I could ever get.

Download Berserk 319 here.


  1. I got to agree that the chapter was booring. I was so excited when guts was supposed to meet somehting crazy in the cave but... omg that annoying pirate AGAIN?! (my emidiate reaction).

    The Sea Good was well... booring. Every time theres a bigger thing of those wierd water creatsures... Please kick that things ass and go to elfhelm!

  2. Pretty much, things will never be interesting to me until they are in elfhiem and back on the main storyline.

  3. arigatou gozaimasoooo~~
    n yea i can't help but agree. man i can't wait for the elfhelm part > 3 <
    it's gonna b epic for sure!
    *impatient impatient

  4. Well not all chapters of a book can be equally interesting. This is a transitional thing but seriously, I also wish for it to be done with as soon as possible, I want to see Elfhelm right now.

  5. I know, but I honestly don't see why they need to transition this way. I miss the days of "they got on a boat, then they got there, and something happened". Of course, I don't have an example of this. >_>