Friday, April 1, 2011

20 Reasons why Nabari No Ou is better than Naruto

There are many similarities between Nabari No Ou and Naruto, but I am a firm believer in the opinion that it is better.

1. Ninjas don't wear orange. A classic argument.

2. These ninjas have to get up every day and go to white collar jobs like the rest of us poor sons of bitches. There is a clear differentiation from the modern world and the ninja world.

3. Being as there is only one season, there are no seasons of filler. In fact, every episode has a point of moving the main storyline along.

4. It uses the historical descendants of famous ninja. Fuuma, Hattori, Iga, Koga, ect. History, for the win.

5. Ninjas that can turn into giant animals, fuck yeah!

6. Shinobi weapons are used for killing and not a distraction. In Naruto, throwing a shuriken at someone is akin to throwing a crumpled piece of paper at them.

7. There are no episodes specifically for powering up. You have to admit Naruto has fallen into the DBZ factor at times.

8. The plot isn't as slow moving as industrial sludge.

9. Nobody spends anytime admiring how powerful someone is. I think the phrases "what power!" and " I can't believe how powerful he has become." will be responsible for cancer forming in the portion of the brain used for cognitive faculties.

10. Minimal running through badly looped tree backgrounds. There is some, but only for a few seconds at most. They never have intense conversations while hopping through the trees.

11. Superior artwork and Animation. Naruto got better with Shippuden, but the art and animation still makes you wonder if they let a five year old take over while they got donuts sometimes.

12. The sides in which are good and evil become slowly more vague as you get into the plot, it's pretty surprising.

13. Sooooo many plot twists.

14. Less Ninjutsu/demons, more Taijutsu. Rock Lee should request a transfer to the Nabari-verse. Amirite?

15. If you're a mediocre ninja left to guard a scroll of secret techniques, bullets will kill you.

16. Characters don't have their motives on their sleeves. Everyone has an agenda, and I do mean everyone. I think Miharu's cat had a god damn agenda.

17. The women, while scare, weren't useless and ineffectual.

18. Techniques that drain your life, literally drain your life. You get to experience Yoite's five senses failing as he continues to use his Kira. Apparently in Naruto you'll just randomly drop dead one day, not slowly drop dead.

19. The main character, while a little gay, isn't an annoying asshat who desires power.

And finally,

20. It has an ending. Ooooh, sick burn.

All that being said, Basilisk > Nabari No Ou > Naruto. I did Nabari No Ou because I feel significantly less people have watched it.

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  1. I definitely agree with #20. Naruto and Sasuke should just both die. [SPOILER ALERT ON THE FOLLOWING!] Yoite in the other hand SHOULD HAVE NOT! >o<