Monday, April 25, 2011

Puella Magi Madoka Magica - What is this strange fandom?

For the past two monthes, on every blog I follow, on every news source, all I've seen is people shitting themselves over this Puella Magi Madoka Magica show. On the outside I look at it and see a show I clearly don't want to watch. What with all the bright colors and child-like women. However, soon I am going to delve deep down into the series and watch the shit out of it to see why there is such a fuss.

I don't exactly follow the new anime seasons but when there is something that carries a strange cult following of fans that will gladly die for it, I feel the need to watch. Lucky Star I found interesting because of the unique art and it's otaku nature. Haruhi had a strange interesting flair all it's own. Perhaps I will be surprised by this anime too and brand it's name to my chest.

But UGH, magical girls.

Can my readers provide insight on why this anime is alpha as fuck, or do I just have to go find out?

Berserk 320 - Sea God (2)

The chapter starts where we left off in 319 with Gutts making a mad dash into the Sea God's belly. As he enters, the Demon Pirates decide that they are going to go fuck up The Sea Horse (Gutts' ship) and set sail with the whole demon armada. This chapter actually becomes interesting in the way that we see something that has not yet happened to Gutts. Him letting down his GAR face and kicking back with a donut and a coffee? No, him being INSIDE a demon to chop it up.

Thankfully, Shierke talks him out of just chopping away at his stomach, which by the way is filled with ships. So he decides to go right for the heart. However, cutting through the stomach or climbing to the ceiling would take far too long. Conveniently though,  there's a bit of stomach acid coming up on him to set the ships afloat towards the ceiling where the heart is behind. The Sea God also has a serious trilobite problem in his tummy as they also appear to be trying to escape being digested.

Back at the Sea Horse, they prepare for battle with the guys from Pirates of the Caribbean and fire their cannons on them. And it ends. I kind of wonder where this whole chapter is going. Is Gutts gonna get to the heart and just...slash at it? More probably, it's going to be some separate sentient being or some shit. Also, I call it now. Something happens to Shierkes' body and she gets pulled back and Gutts transforms.

Next chapter is May 13th though. I love these not three month breaks.

Download Berserk 320 here.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Rurouni Kenshin Anime Green-lit

Anime News Network recently announced that there is a new Rurouni Kenshi in the mix. After one long ass anime series, 3 OVAs, a movie, and a manga series that ended 12 years ago I'm not exactly sure what there is to expand upon.

If you have seen Samurai X: Reflection then you know that the saga of Himura Kenshin has a definite ended; however the creator does not agree with it as canon, so will this new Kenshin anime be a canon ending to the series or just another money maker off of a series that is already dubbed a classic in the anime world?

I think it would be interesting to see a rehash of the series without the filler, like FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, plus seeing the series with an animation update would be amazing. If it's an anime about Himura Kenji, I may punch someone.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TokyoPop's death and you!

TokyoPop recently announced that it will be closing it's last North American office. If you're awesome and don't live in North America, then this means nothing for you. You're good, bros. If you do live in North America, then you better hop your favorite series is carried by Viz or Dark Horse, because Tokyopop is unsure what will happen to it's English releases over here. Apparently, the bankruptcy of the bookstore Borders really hit them hard, as I would have assumed since they were my main stop for buying manga.

So unless someone else aquires the rights for Tokyopops' foreign offices continue to distribute over here, we will be without:

-Warcraft/Starcraft manga (But why...)
-Fruits Baskets
-Great Teach Onizuka (D:)
-Togainu No Chi
-Tramps Like Us

And many, many more.

If these series are no long distributed here, this will be a huuuuuge hit to a lot of series. Let us hope that they continue to give us manga. Especialy GTO, because that shit was GREAT.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Berserk 319 - The Sea God (1)

The long awaited chapter starts with Gutts with astral Shierke on his back hopping into the cave in a very Naruto-esque ninja way, where Shierke brings up that the cave has massive spiritual pressure within it. Lolpleasedontbelikebleach. As they get in further they find those god damned annoying as shit pirates again inside, who goes on and on for pages about how he can be no mere human to get this far but he's going to die anyway as an army of those...sea slug things crawl from the water. Blah de blah.

Behind the pirates, the Sea God appears who is basically a large set of jaws teeth with a tentacle beard. Regrettably, the sea god doesn't eat the pirates just harble garbles in the back. The sea god is indeed so massive in size that the tentacles they fought on the island was just a portion of his tentacle beard getting loose. Yo sea god so fat his BMI is measured in acres. Yo sea god so fat when his beeper goes off, people thought he was backing up. Yo sea god so...Okay, I'm done.

Yo sea god fat jokes aside, Shierke recommends they back up into a narrower part of the tunnel so they don't have to fight everything at once, Gutts disagrees as this would also hinder his massive sword. So in a very Gutts-like way of thinking he decides the best course of action was to go straight into the sea god's mouth and eat it's insides. Thankfully, he at least uses the annoying pirates face as a stepping stone.

Kind of boring chapter, and short to boot. A tiny fifteen pages of nothing that seems at all interesting. The sea god's design has to be one of the most...uncreative things I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure I drew a picture of the sea god when I was five. Bunch of teeth, some squigglies on the chin, you know, all that. The best part of the chapter, he left a date for the next one.

Berserk 320 - April 22nd. The best day before my birthday present I could ever get.

Download Berserk 319 here.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Band of the Hawk: Now with manga downloads

I have a mostly finished Berserk Manga Downloads page up there, so if you fancy reading some...There they are. I have to add volume 35 and those other random unvolumed chapters which I will do when I've slept a bit. Enjoy. Please contact me if the links don't work.

Speaking of contact with the unknown, the About page has also been slightly updated. So swing on by there.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I now dedicate my life to making Berserk-themed cocktails.

If there is one thing I advocate more than porn, it's drinking. I have now realized my life's mission. To make Berserk themed cocktails for several of major characters of Berserk. Now being as my 21st birthday is still 22 days (April 23rd) away, the project will have to be postponed till then, but hey! I can still think up ideas. Your input for ideas is welcomed, but I'll just go through a rough list of what I have planned.

A Gutts cocktail: A must. I have a giant wall scroll of his face on my wall, I must create one of the most fierce cocktails known to man. The idea of it screams just pouring a bunch of strong liqour in a glass, but I want this to be powerful yet palatable. Most likely Everclear based with something to try to mask the sheer fire of drinking Everclear.

A Judeau cocktail: I want something that says something about his personality. Stealthy, loyal, kind. Would it be an insult to him if I made it a girly drink?

A Caska cocktail: Dark liqour like her skin, sweeter tasting and not something that will be masked fire like the Gutts cocktail may end up like. Or I could make it so strong you felt like you got raped by demons and lost your memory. <____<

A Griffith cocktail: I must secure a way to make liqour look milky. Then I must make it a semi-homosexual girly drink. With maybe some amaretto at the bottom for blood/darkness.

Band of the Hawk cocktail: Take previous cocktails and mix? Lol. Honestly, I've got nothing for this, but I will figure something out after a browse through the liqour store.

A Zodd cocktail: MUST. MAKE. RED. LIKE. BLOOD. That's all I've got.

A Skull Knight cocktail: This cocktail must be awesome and I need to put more thought in it. Suggestions welcome.

A Void cocktail: I hate to say it, but I may use Jager in this one. Too bad, I dislike Jager. Or maybe make a cement mixer, lol. (A cement mixer is Irish Cream and Lemon Juice. It makes the drink look and feel like a brain in your mouth.

The Brand of Sacrifice cocktail: Give up those you love, and I will make you very...drunk.

As I stated before, suggestions are very much welcomed and credit will be do if you inspire me. I am pretty excited for this mission, and I have some good visual ideas in my head. I also look forward to extensive testing. However, I think my liver and stomach do not. I do make this pledge to you though readers, I will not serve you a recipe for a drink that tastes like shit. I cannot guarantee that it won't make you sick in the morning with much certainty though, I have a bit of a weak stomach.

Keep tabs on the blog in May, or late April for these updates.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Miura confirms Berserk manga to end December 2012

Oh shit. Young Animal, long time publisher on Miura's works made the announcement today that his manga Berserk, the heart and soul of this blog, will come to and end next year. Miura says he has not been taking time off to play Idol M@ster like every one thinks, but to write up a now completed transcript of how Berserk will end.

Consequently, the end date also lines up with the end of the world.

Happy April Fools Day, everyone!

20 Reasons why Nabari No Ou is better than Naruto

There are many similarities between Nabari No Ou and Naruto, but I am a firm believer in the opinion that it is better.

1. Ninjas don't wear orange. A classic argument.

2. These ninjas have to get up every day and go to white collar jobs like the rest of us poor sons of bitches. There is a clear differentiation from the modern world and the ninja world.

3. Being as there is only one season, there are no seasons of filler. In fact, every episode has a point of moving the main storyline along.

4. It uses the historical descendants of famous ninja. Fuuma, Hattori, Iga, Koga, ect. History, for the win.

5. Ninjas that can turn into giant animals, fuck yeah!

6. Shinobi weapons are used for killing and not a distraction. In Naruto, throwing a shuriken at someone is akin to throwing a crumpled piece of paper at them.

7. There are no episodes specifically for powering up. You have to admit Naruto has fallen into the DBZ factor at times.

8. The plot isn't as slow moving as industrial sludge.

9. Nobody spends anytime admiring how powerful someone is. I think the phrases "what power!" and " I can't believe how powerful he has become." will be responsible for cancer forming in the portion of the brain used for cognitive faculties.

10. Minimal running through badly looped tree backgrounds. There is some, but only for a few seconds at most. They never have intense conversations while hopping through the trees.

11. Superior artwork and Animation. Naruto got better with Shippuden, but the art and animation still makes you wonder if they let a five year old take over while they got donuts sometimes.

12. The sides in which are good and evil become slowly more vague as you get into the plot, it's pretty surprising.

13. Sooooo many plot twists.

14. Less Ninjutsu/demons, more Taijutsu. Rock Lee should request a transfer to the Nabari-verse. Amirite?

15. If you're a mediocre ninja left to guard a scroll of secret techniques, bullets will kill you.

16. Characters don't have their motives on their sleeves. Everyone has an agenda, and I do mean everyone. I think Miharu's cat had a god damn agenda.

17. The women, while scare, weren't useless and ineffectual.

18. Techniques that drain your life, literally drain your life. You get to experience Yoite's five senses failing as he continues to use his Kira. Apparently in Naruto you'll just randomly drop dead one day, not slowly drop dead.

19. The main character, while a little gay, isn't an annoying asshat who desires power.

And finally,

20. It has an ending. Ooooh, sick burn.

All that being said, Basilisk > Nabari No Ou > Naruto. I did Nabari No Ou because I feel significantly less people have watched it.