Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I give thee: Berserk Abridged by HBI2K in download form.

Since there has literally been nothing new happening with Berserk, no new anime twitter announcements that aren't in broken English and annoying, no new manga chapters, no new...anything. I figured I'd would put up something that's Berserk related, and awesome.

If you've ever watched an Anime Abridged series that was any sort of good, you'll...well...know what an Abridged Series is. For those of you that have no idea what an abridged series is, it's where the creator takes scenes from the show and does a new voice over to create a funnier version of the story. HBI2K and the rest of his consortium do some seriously great quality work. Berserk has one, I wonder if you knew that? Mr. Smarty McSmartpants. It's getting a bit on in years and due to Youtube's whole copyright infringement thing has grown rather hard to find.

But at the end of this post, I bring you from my computer to yours, the complete Berserk Abridged series by HBI2K in full.

Yes. I liked it so much I individually downloaded each episode and have had them on my PC for some time. I've watched it so much I use quotes from it without realizing it in my daily life. Because I am a very strange person. I have watched it so much, I leave the episodes on loop while I am grinding on WoW.

I recommend it.

Oh, you're download. Berserk Abridged. If the link goes down, comment and I will fix it all up.


  1. Thanks a bunch! It's missing a couple, though; Episode 18.5 (the one that starts out as Ultimate Hellsing Abridged) and a couple of the extra ones with Zodd and Phil.

  2. I did not know such things existed, I shall search them out and find them.