Monday, March 21, 2011

I think we can admit the Japanese people are the better people.

I haven't really talked about the Japanese 2011 Quake Tsunami combo breaker other than letting you all know that Miura was still alive. That doesn't mean that I haven't been keeping tabs on it. The morning I heard about it I watched CNN literally all day.

And the next day.

Those people, I just want to say are taking this like champs. Hickshooter concurs. When disaster strikes in the United States, we loot, we push, shove, and are generally unruly. I think we've all seen examples of that. The images on the news are of Japanese people calmly waiting in lines, claiming they have it bad but not complaining because others have it worse. Helping each other.

Their criminals even have more class than us. You know why there is no looting right now? Because yakuza are helping the police force patrol the street. To me, that is...utterly amazing. It makes me proud of humanity when I hear things like that.

That's all, I just wanted to throw that out there.

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  1. During the Hanshin Earthquake, one of Japan's biggest Yakuza group actually played a vital role in delivering necessities to affected people in the area where roads were destroyed. I heard the gasoline tank is loot in Sendai and there are some small robberies here and there but nothing serious.