Thursday, February 10, 2011

Anime Moments That Make Me Go "What the Fuck?"

The obligatory scene to start off all slice of life/school themed anime where the main character and/or their future love interest is running late to class. What the fuck, you'd think they would find a better way to start a story or introduce characters into it.

The obligatory Shounen anime power up that the main character gets when he's losing. What the fuck, Bleach. Stop trying to be DBZ.

Anime characters never get hair cuts. What the fuck, mine gets annoying as hell when do you find the time to brush that waist long shit.

If cold air blew on an anime character, they'd catch a cold. And they would faint. What the fuck, my sister broke pretty much every bone on her left side and held consciousness, you can't handle some sniffles?

Recap episodes. What the fuck, I watched the whole series already and no I don't care about someone elses perspective on it.

Excel Saga, what the fuck is going on?

Every girl in a shounen series falling for the main character. What the fuck, he got a power-up but my sword is still bigger D:

When people tell me to stop watching crappy anime and I won't get what the fuck moments. What the fuck, you're suggestions were all mainstream anime I have seen already.

The moment in a romance anime where they see their love interest with a member of the opposite sex. What the fuck, I can't have gender different friends? My trannie friend would hate you.

Shinji blowing his load on a comatose Asuka in Evangelion. What the fuck, kid?

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