Friday, January 28, 2011

Shout Out to the Best: Meet N' Fuck Games by VadimGoD

Now, Newgrounds isn't exactly the Mecca of hentai, but hentai sites do put samples up on there. That I absolutely love. There's member there called VadimGoD who's work I've followed for a long time. My favorite of these works is the Meet N' Fuck Series. I am unsure if these came from the website or if he made them then made a website, whatever it is. I love them.

They make Eroge fun and of course hot. Something a lot of professional Eroge is not, it's a lot of clicking through talking to get to the good stuff. This sets you up so you can pick your dialogue options and the sex scenes are actually quite interactive. Eroge pro's, take note of that. I love dating sims and I love eroge, combining them makes me wet.


  1. vadimgod can you make a new version of meet n fuck i`m your number one fan!

  2. He made a new one called the Magic Book. It was more funny than sexy though.

    I've been meaning to review it.

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