Friday, January 28, 2011

New Berserk anime to be in...Movie format?

EHHH? Movie format? This translation was posted on the New Berserk Anime Project's Twitter on January 8th

[Diffusion Hope] Berserk 2011 will be a movie version anime !! The whole story of Berserk will be adapted !! Epic Berserk saga project; start. Furthermore, the movie release is aimed at half of 2011!! This is an official announcement !! 

So...Movies. On the bright side, movies come out faster than series. And they did say the whole series will be covered. But when they say the whole SERIES do they mean the whole ANIME series or the whole MANGA series. Even if movies do come out fast, Berserk related things have never had the reputation of being fast.


  1. Yay! I hope they cover the manga series cuz the previous anime left at such an awful time!...twas so sad ;_;....but since the mangas gotten farther they should cover the entire series YAAAAAYYY GUTS! *fangirl squeal*

  2. I agree.

    Personally I look forward to the Satyr and the massive orgies in the Conviction arc. But I'm a pervert. =<

    It'd be nice if they did every arc as a movie, but I would prefer a series for each.