Sunday, December 26, 2010

Berserk 318 Beastial Warrior

The chapter starts out with Farnesse placing a protective spell upon the ship, when she comes out of the ether she is amazed at the protective Aura that she has placed. This will have been her first use of her powers since entering training with Shierke. Both Shierke and Gutts praise her and she is, as always, very humble about it.

Gutts and Shierke prepare to leave for the Sea God's Lair. Gutts partially transforms in his armor with Shierke on his back. It seems he is able to control it enough to remain sane for the moment. In my personal opinion, he looks a bit like the Batman. As they leave, Isma claims she can hear it again. Whatever "it" is. I assume she means the Sea God.

The chapter ends with Gutts and Shierke entering the Den of the Sea God. All around not a particularly interesting chapter, to be honest, but guess what! There's a short break for Muira to go over manuscripts, and you know what that means...It could be months before another chapter. Thus why I was in no particular rush to post this one up.

Sheesh. He didn't even leave a date. -_-

Download Berserk Chapter 318 here!

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