Tuesday, September 21, 2010

4 Arrested in 3 year old Belgian Death Note Murder Case

I used to run another blog on wordpress back in the day (fuck wordpress), and I wrote an entry about a murder case where Belgian police found a human torso and 2 thighs laying ina park, next to it was a note that said "watashi wa KIRA dess".

Facepalms were had, not just for the blatant mispelling  but for the uber lame Death Note copy cat. Turns out recently the case was solved. This is good, because still today my blog gets some weird ass comments from Kira wanna-be's. Go read that link, you'll lol.

As I was saying, apparently the four people involved got into a fight with the man that was murdered, my guess is he was a shitty Dungeon Master, those piss me off too. Well, regardless, they killed him. From the way the article was written, leaving the mispelled note was just a side thought on their part.

As in, they killed him, cut him up, and then was like "Hey, man. We should totally leave a note like Raito did, that'd be bitchin."

Sounds like it was more premeditated than that. Murders don't usually get spur of the moment awesome ideas like that, I know, I've watched enough Law and Order SVU to know.

Spoiler Alert: Casca Kills Griffith

Ya Rly.
Not really, I bet if you weren't current with the manga you were kind of like "WTF!" face there for a moment, but this is purely speculation and before you sit there and think "Damn your speculation is genius and creative", It's not. I got the idea (and some of the images) from skullknight.net forums or as I like to call them, the Berserk Scholars. These are just my ideas on it.

Anyway, as I was saying. Within Berserk, there lies a possibility, one so completely obscure that it would come off as a better than average twist if it were to come true. The possibility that it will be not Gutts, who has fought and struggled for so long against his fate to get vengeance, but Casca who wore her durp face for over half of the series that struck him down and ended his evil reign of evil terror.

That'd be kind of like a bitch slap in the face to Gutts though.

But throughout Berserk there has been an underlying theme of sexual abuse and the abusees getting justice upon their abusers. You see where I'm going with this.

Gutts gets it straight in the pooper when he was a child because his adoptive mercenary father Gambino sold him off to one of his gay-er mercenary friends. Gutts, of course, counters this by stabbing his ass-rapist in the mouth during a battle. Then continues to lead a life of suffering and various mental instabilities.

Casca almost gets her cherry taken by the rich noble that bought her, almost, but not quite. Not-so-evil Griffith swoops in to save the day and throws her a sword. She stabs him and then the women's empowerment movement happened.

And Griffith, well, he kind of whored himself out to a rich noble for some quick army raising cash.He went on with his aforementioned raised army to defeat his army and killed him as he begged for forgiveness/begged him to be his butt buddy again.

All three main characters took their vengeance on their abusers, but none was more sexual abused than Casca when the newly forms Femto took to raping her in front of Gutts causing her to go crazy and revert back to her childlike ways.

Won't her vengeance be sweet?
Is it not deserved?
Could she kill him?

I guess will have to wait to know. Still, fun speculation.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vagabond manga to end early next year

Takehiko Inoue's legendary manga about the legendary swordsman Musashi is scheduled to end next year instead of this year. Due to Inoue's health he has not ran a chapter a Vagabond since late July when he released Vagabonds' 300th chapter. No worries a new chapter is coming out soon in September, but it appears he has put himself off schedule.

The Vagabond finale was meant to be this year, but due to the health problem is will now be next year. Since he has only missed two chapters, I reckon it will be early next year.

With the recent death of my idol Satoshi Kon, it leaves me wondering.

Why does everything I love die and/or end?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Drunken Moogle helps me pass the time.

"Remember that time you got really drunk and tried to suck your own dick for like...AN HOUR? This is what you looked like."

The Drunken Moogle
If you are 21, or know someone to buy for you, or have a family with a substantial liquor stash, the Drunken Moogle is like the creme de la creme of ways to pass your time as a video game fan. Liquor with a video game twist just makes you feel more awesome when you are drinking alone in your basement playing final fantasy 10 and feeling slightly like an alcoholic. Has everything from the T-virus (a clear drink with blue liquorish in it that makes it look...ironically like a T-virus vial) to the Fat Man (a fallout 3 themed drink that will probably fuck you up, but also make you barf due to the extensive mixing of lights and darks). Advertises video game themed shot glasses, video game themed drinking games, and does it all while being a fancy pinky-high drunk!

Props to them. 

You'd be surprised at the amount of people that google tentacle rape.


So on Blogger there is this nifty statistics thing that lets you see how visitors get to your page, like what they google, what links they follow, where they are from, ect. And since somewhere in my berserk 315 summary thing I mention tentacle rape, you know, because of the tentacles that were EVERYWHERE in that chapter that gets me a lot of hits.

I lol'd but,



Think about it.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ode to the fallen: Satoshi Kon

He was, and will be, the coolest looking asian man since Mr. Myogi from the Karate Kid.

On August 24th, 2010 pancreatic cancer claimed a legend. Satoshi Kon, one of the most brilliant (read: better than Miyazaki) anime directors and artists that has ever been born. He was my idol, when I was younger I worshiped his work. He was 46... I haven't watched anime since his death, since it will never be the same. I did however find a tweet that I liked saying:

"It's not that anime will never be the same, but now it will always be the same."

Truer words were never spoken. Satoshi Kon personified innovation. His works include Millennium Actress, Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers, Paprika, and the series Paranoia Agent.

If you have seen all of the above, you will know a Satoshi Kon work, not just by crazy wacked plot lines that stick their dick in your brain and hump it without relenting while simultaneously punching the forth wall in the face, but by the art. The psuedo-realistic, AMAZING, artwork. The artwork that fit perfectly with his storylines, conveying otherwise complex and obscure emotions.

What literally makes losing someone I idolized and obsessed over worse was reading his goodbye message on his blog. A translated version popped up shortly after. I now know why his death hit me as a surprise, he had hidden it. And he knew he was going to die. Do you know how painful that was for him, you will after you read that translated version.

I cried.
For like, a half an hour. I could cry now. I might when I lay to go to sleep.

Why do the good die so young?