Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Will Berserk Finish Before Muira's Death?

This is a blog named after Berserk, it should have some Berserk related things in it. So I retreat to the timeless debate. Will the epic storyline outlive it's own author who has been at it for over 20 years, only managing to produce 34 volumes and 315 chapters?

Why it takes so long:
Some of this may be speculation

The Art
It's no secret that Berserk has some of the most detailed art in all of Manga. With images like this:

(Resizing this image to fit this blog would have lessened my point, so Link!)

The sheer detail alone in that, not to mention the perspective planning, would take DAYS. Not only that, but weekly manga like Naruto or Bleach only have about 15 pages of almost always subpar art. This has anywhere from 20 to 40 pages. So it takes around a month to three for just one chapter to come out.

Muira's "Breaks"
Muira has been taking a lot of break lately, some of them for his health, which will often stop some of his readers heart for a brief second. That's the last thing you want to hear about a manga author who's series you are so in love with. But then again there is another speculation that he uses the time to, you know, have a life. It's no secret that he is good friends with Buronson and the HunterxHunter mangaka.

Why People Are Scared

Muira at present is around 40 years old, the manga is 20 years old. Muira has stated that he wishes it to be a 100 volume manga. I believe you all see where I am going with this.

If He Does Die

I will be sad, sadder than I was during the last two episodes of Berserk, and I bawled like a baby the first time I watched those. However, there is a speculation that gives me hope. Some people think Muira uses his breaks to write a script for Berserk, so even when he is gone, the story may be continued. Perhaps by another artist, but who am I kidding? It could be drawn by a 5 year old, as long as I get to know the end of the story, I'll be golden.

Actually, I think I would mind if it were drawn by a 5 year old.

I love the art.

Make Ryouichi Ikegami do it.

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