Wednesday, August 11, 2010

RAINBOW: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin - Not moe = Not popular

My favorite of the 2010 Spring anime season was actually not Rainbow, I won't feed you those blatantly lies. But Rainbow WAS one of those animes I would have overlooked had I not been like "Hrm I'mma sample this" one night. Since all episodic anime blogger out there all pretty much do the same series every season, it's hard to find the overlooked gems like this.

Spring 2010 was all about that happy anime, upbeat slice of life harem moe pretty sparkles and unicorns up in that bitch. So for me, a hardcore Seinen fan that feeds off the angst of main characters, Rainbow was a filling meal.

Rainbow is about 6 boys which are imprisoned in a Post-WW2 Japan era. To it's core it's a story about solidarity and sacrifice for your brothers. It's really quite touching. The main characters do go a bit overboard with the sacrificing thing though, to they point where it's not even realistic anymore.

Rainbow is full of flaws, for one they strongly depend on beatings and sexual abuse to cause drama. I'm not kidding, in every episode, I guarantee someone gets hit. But in a season where anime main characters greatest motivator was to lose her virginity or how a man must absolutely pay his debt o he'll comically choke to death, I'll take those flaws. TAKE THEM AND IGNORE THEM.

...Or take those flaws in the ass like this guy did in the first episode.

It's no secret that I'm a complete dick rider on Madhouse when it comes to animation. I think their work is absolutely beautiful...It's not different here. I in particularly like how they represented the bad guys, you could tell who was a bad guy because they were made to look ugly. Scars, misshapen heads, fat creepy fish lips, hitler mustache...Yeah.

In Rainbow, if your a bad guy you are doomed to also be an ugly fellow or madam.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Berserk 315 - Tentacle Rape Time!

The first bit of 315 is Shenanigans. I call it. The Ghost Pirates ghostly pirate ship (of ghosts) appears before Gutts Co. on land. The pirate captain introduces himself as Skeletal Beard, who sort of hints that the Sea God will be coming to kick some ass and chew bubblegum. I reckon it's also stated that he's also all out of bubblegum. Truth be told, I have so little idea of why the sea god is coming because of the god damn pirate talk. It's hard for me to read.

Anyway, Gutts gets mad. Madder. Looks at Caska (who has her 'derp' face on) Maaaaadest. Berserker form and starts chopping some tentacle slug/crab monster things, putting further strain on his already deteriorating body. Schierke is, of course, too far away to be able to stop him now. Leaving things open for someone else to pull him back to himself.

My thoughts? Gutts is acting like a little bitch depending on the armor like that. He was doing fine with demons before it. I understand him needing the power to fight the godhand, but why waste it on these small fries...

Read Berserk 315 Online here!

Why do you people like K-on!...?

What is the appeal of this? They are cute, I mean, just LOOK at them. But unless you are an expecting mother or a 12 year old girl, these girls are clearly not for you.

It's the music thing, isn't it? You like the music, it soothes you. Coddles you to it's bosom and makes you think the world won't kick you in the nuts every time you turn a corner, yes? Well, then how come BECK never got much hyper when it came out? Not that I WATCHED anime when BECK came out, but you rarely hear anything about it. The music in it is ten times better, and the characters are literally off the cool chart.

The above picture is a completely rational comparison.

Also, the K-on! manga ends in September, or at least THIS PART of the K-on! manga does. The author expressed interest in...Oh God...Making more. I figured instead of just reporting the news, I'd go on a weird rant sort of thing.

Will Berserk Finish Before Muira's Death?

This is a blog named after Berserk, it should have some Berserk related things in it. So I retreat to the timeless debate. Will the epic storyline outlive it's own author who has been at it for over 20 years, only managing to produce 34 volumes and 315 chapters?

Why it takes so long:
Some of this may be speculation

The Art
It's no secret that Berserk has some of the most detailed art in all of Manga. With images like this:

(Resizing this image to fit this blog would have lessened my point, so Link!)

The sheer detail alone in that, not to mention the perspective planning, would take DAYS. Not only that, but weekly manga like Naruto or Bleach only have about 15 pages of almost always subpar art. This has anywhere from 20 to 40 pages. So it takes around a month to three for just one chapter to come out.

Muira's "Breaks"
Muira has been taking a lot of break lately, some of them for his health, which will often stop some of his readers heart for a brief second. That's the last thing you want to hear about a manga author who's series you are so in love with. But then again there is another speculation that he uses the time to, you know, have a life. It's no secret that he is good friends with Buronson and the HunterxHunter mangaka.

Why People Are Scared

Muira at present is around 40 years old, the manga is 20 years old. Muira has stated that he wishes it to be a 100 volume manga. I believe you all see where I am going with this.

If He Does Die

I will be sad, sadder than I was during the last two episodes of Berserk, and I bawled like a baby the first time I watched those. However, there is a speculation that gives me hope. Some people think Muira uses his breaks to write a script for Berserk, so even when he is gone, the story may be continued. Perhaps by another artist, but who am I kidding? It could be drawn by a 5 year old, as long as I get to know the end of the story, I'll be golden.

Actually, I think I would mind if it were drawn by a 5 year old.

I love the art.

Make Ryouichi Ikegami do it.

Launch of the Band of the Hawk blog

Hi there, everybody!

Today marks a momentous occasion, but...not really. The day I launch this blog. Don't be confused by the title, there won't just be Berserk related things here, since the manga-ka will perish to mortality before it comes to it's conclusion. There will be anime articles, video game news and articles, and the occasional comic thing here too (though the only comic I am interested in is The Walking Dead).

I hope this goes well, so far I enjoy Blogger much more than wordpress.